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Cyn Santana Pens Message After Erica Mena Argues With Fans About Safaree Karma

Safaree, Erica Mena, Cyn Santana, and Joe Budden

New York rapper and actress Cyn Santana has responded to comments by Erica Mena as fans drag her over the latest saga with her ex-husband Safaree Samuels.

On Saturday, Santana seemed to directly disagree with a post by Erica after fans called her out for being unrepentant about her behavior towards Santana whom she was romantically involved with.

Over the past week, Erica and Safaree’s business continued to be aired out for the world to see as they dissect their marriage ending with divorce. Erica has received a lot of sympathy from fans who noticed that she appeared stressed and emotionally strung out compared to old photos of her.

While Erica Mena’s supporters have been focused on how poorly she was treated by Safaree Samuels, others believe that it is the rapper’s “karma” for the way she treated Cyn Santana.

Online, many claimed that Erica continued to harass Cyn after they broke up, and she even created fake accounts to mess with her. However, Erica denied that she is facing any ‘karma’ from Cyn because she was wronged by both her and the man Cyn dated during her relationship with Cyn.

“I knew exactly where my karma came from and i respected it,” Erica wrote on Instagram Stories.

“I knew exactly where my karma came from and i respected it. No seriously! Because it sure wasn’t from being deceived to by a whole married male living a double life nor was it from being with a female who was in a relationship with a dude the ENTIRE time. But I’m gonna let y all run with the cool story lines anyway,” she added.

Erica Mena was also called out by critics for her constant denials and lack of accountability.

“At some point you have to take accountability @america_mena, it may not have been from them but you done A LOT in your life. maybe it’s cause you didn’t take care of your 1st child… either way you need to get right with God himself in order to get out that hell,” one person commented in response.

The comment received a direct response from Erica with her replying, “@jordontylin you don’t feel weird that you think you know about my life and you actually don’t know a damn thing at all.”

Shortly after, Cyn had a shady response for Erica as she wished her “happy healing.”

“Life has taught me that you absolutely do not argue with crazy people. You just nod, smile & send them lots of healing. one thing bout the universe? She love spinning the block… Happy healing,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

In another story, she also included Mariah’s song “obsessed,” which many felt was a jab at Erica.