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Erica Mena Catches Heat For Allege Cyn Santana Fake Hate Account

Erica Mena is catching some heat for allegedly having a fake account she used to go after Cyn Santana.

Just as the public sympathy was starting to grow for Erica Mena, a new scandal has emerged. It was only a few days ago that many social media users dragged Safaree for choosing to enjoy a holiday in Jamaica while he and Mena’s child seemed to be going through a health crisis. Even though his action remains questionable, a new storm has enveloped Mena, which involves her long-time rival and ex Cyn Santana.

The Love & Hip Hop: New York star is now being accused of creating an Instagram burner account to undermine Santana, and seemingly even worse than that, it looks like she converted the account built for spewing hate into her child’s personal account.

It’s been established by some sharp fans that the original account was used mostly to send hateful comments to Cyn Santana. Fans started to call her out after they noticed that Mena was likely behind the @gunner2582 page, which has since been changed to the name of her newborn baby.

The account, which is now registered @LegendBrians, had many hateful messages towards Sanatana that weren’t cleared before being rebranded. Both she and Safaree have been catching headlines lately for their tumultuous relationship and the fact that while their newborn was in the NICU for days, Safaree popped up in Jamaica looking like he had no worries in the world. He’s also been accused of cheating on her with Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.

Twitter Page, GlockTopickz, was one of the first to break the news. They tweeted, “Erica Mena been leaving hate comments for Cyn Santana under a fake page for years. Then CHANGED that page name to her newborn baby name but DIDNT DELETE THE COMMENTS aka CAUGHT, SMH.”

Now it looks like both pages have been removed, but several screenshots of the page and the hateful comments were posted before that happened. Take a look at what fans had to say via Twitter about the messy situation.