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Chris Brown ‘No Guidance’ Copyright Lawsuit Dropped By Accuser

Chris Brown Drake
Chris Brown, Drake

Chris Brown who brought a copyright infringement lawsuit against Chris Brown and Drake have dropped the claim.

The lawsuit was filed last year by two virtually unknown artists who claimed that “No Guidance” ripped off their little-known 2016 track “I Love Your Dress.” The two artists, Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine, on Thursday, filed a joint motion with Chris Brown’s attorneys asking the court to dismiss the claim completely, according to legal docs obtained by Urban Islandz. There are reports that Brown came to a settlement with the artists, but no details were revealed.

Back in April, the pair voluntarily dismissed Drake from their lawsuit, leaving Breezy and Sony Music Entertainment as defendants in the case.

No Guidance,” was released three years after Cooper and Valentine’s song on June 8, 2019. The track, which appeared on Brown’s chart-topping ‘Indigo’ featured Drake and was a commercially successful track that spent 46 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 from its June release until October, when it peaked at No. 5.

The track also received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Song in 2020. According to Cooper and Valentine, the song had many similarities to their track and even used some of the same lyrics- “you got it” in the hook, similar to their song.

While Brown had responded to the lawsuit claiming that the lawsuit was baseless and didn’t prove that the artists copied their track, Cooper, and Valentine had accused both Drake and Brown of trying to steal their song and then claimed that because they are unknown, they shouldn’t bring an action.

“This argument – essentially that defendants are somehow immune from copyright infringement claims by individuals who are not as famous as they are – is both egotistical and without any legal basis whatsoever,” they responded. “Undoubtedly, regardless of their fame and status, defendants may be, and should be, held accountable for their infringement.”

In the latest filing to dismiss the action, the artists do not give a reason for dropping the action. Attorneys for Chris Brown did not comment on the matter.