Popcaan, Drake & Lil Yachty Makes A Splash In Turks & Caicos Brocation

Drake, Popcaan, Chubbs, Niko

Drake has a love affair with Turks & Caicos as he is reportedly on vacation, or brocation, in the Caribbean Island with his broskis Popcaan, Lil Yachty, Chubbs, OVO Niko and others.

The rapper shared several videos and posts of him seemingly having fun just days after he was first spotted with New York rapper Ice Spice, whom many have speculated is either dating the rapper or about to be signed to his OVO label.

On Thursday night, Drake debuted his new hairstyle, a man bun, as he ditched the cornrow braids he has been sporting for months now and showed off his coily inches in a slick back hairstyle.

“Other than myself…everything has changed,” he captioned a post. The posts show scenic views of where he is staying as well as their group activity. In one photo, Popcaan can be seen showing his co-guests the ropes as they play Loodi, a Jamaican snake and ladder game complete with the board.

There is also a photo of Lil Yachty, who recently celebrated his birthday aboard Air Drake, as he sits in front of a plate of spaghetti and French fries. Yachty is also seen enjoying water sports as he bumps his jet ski into other jet skis nearby.

Drake and Popcaan

Popcaan reacted to Drake’s post with a comment, “Chubble,” as he laughed at the post.

Meanwhile, Drake also shared the process he underwent to get his new hairstyle.

“Give this guy a name,” Drake captioned the series of photos and videos showing his slicked-back curls. The post elicited a barrage of laughing emojis and suggested names from the likes of Justin Bieber, who referred to the slicked back 90s hairstyle as “Clarance Donovan aka steezeman deluxe,” and “#DrakentinoLiberace” from Rvssian, while some even likened the look to that of Lionel Richie.

Lil Yachty

Drake also shares his rinse-out routine as he imitates how girls make videos on the internet as they show off their “luxury” lifestyle while shaming others and calling them “basic.”

“Step your sh*t up, dog and the water is lukewarm,” he mimics in a feminine voice as the hairstylist holds back from laughing.