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Drake’s Doppelganger Says Drizzy Threatened To Put Hands On Him

Drake Izzyy
Drake, Izzyy Drake

Fake Drake thought he had a good proposal for Drake when he challenged the rapper to a boxing celebrity boxing match with the prize being $1 million.

As expected, Drake has better things to do and won’t be joining any boxing match, but the Canadian rapper wouldn’t have passed up the opportunity to slap Fake Drake for free if possible.

Drake’s Doppelganger, also known as Izzy Drake, became famous after being spotted in Miami nightclubs impersonating Drake. What appeared to be a comedy skit is now a full-on business as the Florida native is not only doing interviews but is also saying he has “management.”

The man whose real name is Izzy but goes by the coined moniker ‘Fake Drake’ and Drake from Wish as some social media users refer to him,

According to Izzy, Drake made it clear that he was only interested in slapping Fake Drake for free. The look-a-like says he had a chance to catch up with Drake’s team to ask him about his proposal.

“I pulled up to Drake’s hotel with my management. Let’s just say it wasn’t very inviting,” Izzy Drake said while laughing. “They just tried coming at us, so I ended up texting him, telling him about the fight and he said he’s gonna pull up and slap me for free.”

Fake Drake has been steadily earning money from his “career” as a pseudo-Drake. He first shared that he was charging $5,000 to appear at parties and later said that his new booking rate is $10,000.

In June, he attempted to draw in Drake in another money-getting scheme after signing a Celebrity Boxing deal for a fight with Drake.

“If I win, you gotta sign me to OVO or you gotta give me $1 million,” Izzy said in a clip addressed at Drake. “If you win, I’ll change my name.”

In the meantime, Izzy is now fighting YouTuber M2Thak on Oct. 15.