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Fake Drake Shares His Massive Income Per Performance


Fake Drake is banking big bucks for impersonating performances of the rapper’s songs and images.

In recent times a viable way to earn money has become impersonating celebrities. Of course, the bigger the star, the more money you stand to make. That’s just what fake Drake, who goes by the name Izzy, seems to be doing these days.

He got his start after becoming a viral sensation due to his resemblance to the OVO boss. DJ Akademiks recently revealed just how lucrative the impersonation job has become for the doppelganger. In an Instagram clip, he showed Fake Drake getting into a performance of Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” on a makeshift stage.

The shocker came from Akademiks’ caption, which stated the figure that Fake Drake allegedly makes. The video’s caption read, “Would y’all pay $5k for fake drake to perform at ur lil bro birthday party?”

While there is no confirmation that he makes that amount for his brand of Drake performances, anything near that seems ridiculously good for someone who is simply an impersonator. Fans seemed shocked at what the impersonator was making. “He couldn’t get 20 out of me,” one fan said while another chimed in, “This sht is embarrassing. No way you a man and think this sht is acceptable.”

Fake Drake shot into the limelight ever since he first tasted viral fame last October. He’s even claiming that the “Certified Lover Boy” Drake is copying his style, including the fact that Drake had a heart shaved in his hair even though fans know that he did that to support the release of his latest album.

“I’ve had the heart for like a year and a half. I have the heart because, you know, if you do things with your heart, it’ll come back,” he said during a recent appearance on The Fan Bus.

Do you think he should be making so much for just being an impersonator?