Vybz Kartel Being Investigating AGAIN For Recording Music In Prison

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel is again under investigation for allegedly recording music in prison.

Jamaica’s Deputy Commissioner of Corrections at the Department of Correctional Services, Joyce Stone, says that Vybz Kartel is being investigated for continuing to make music while behind bars.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, the singer is not on the prison’s rehabilitation program, which would allow him to make music. Vybz Kartel has continued to release music despite being incarcerated since 2012.

He has released several albums and singles and has even appeared on video for a Fox 5 interview to talk about his ongoing appeals case before the Privy Council.

However, Stone says that the deejay is prohibited from making any music from behind bars.

“Kartel’s participation in videos or whatever, I must say it is totally prohibited and it has not been approved by the Department of Correctional Services,” Stone said. “Yes, it is true that we do have music studios‚Ķthere is a music studio at Tower Street Adult Correctional Center, and yes, it is a fact that it is a part of the rehabilitation programme as you would note that Jah Cure was granted permission as part of his rehabilitation strategy some years ago to do music while he was incarcerated at Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre. That is not the case with Kartel.”

Stone’s response came after a question was posed by Aldai Smith, director of Law Reform and Special Legal Projects at the Ministry of Legal Affairs in Antigua and Barbuda, during a symposium on Prison Reform in St Kitts.

She also explained that Kartel is barred from joining the program as it precludes appellants.

“Adidjah Palmer is an appellant. He is an appellant and as I mentioned for pre-trial inmates….they are not engaged in rehab activities as they are considered innocent until convicted and so as such he could not be a part of our approved programme.”

She added, “and he does not, he is not at that institution in any case in any way,” she said as she dispelled the thought that the singer could be making music out of Tower Street.

Still, many think that the singer has been releasing new music from jail, given the content of his music that addresses topical issues.