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Fake Drake Wants To Box Real Drake For A Cool $1 Million

Drake Izzyy
Drake, Izzyy Drake

Fake Drake is back at it as he finds new ways to make money from international rap superstar Drake. Now he wants to up the ante even more with a $1 million boxing match.

Going by the name Izzy Drake, he has been seen impersonating the rapper at clubs in Miami and has even managed to fool some of the Toronto rapper’s fans that he’s the real deal. From imitating his mannerisms, and clothing down to his new hairstyle, Fake Drake has been on the scene making a buck off of Drake’s name.

He has recently been seen “performing” or lip-syncing Drake’s song in a nightclub. In all of the shenanigans, Drake has not reacted to the fake imposter, except for liking a post last week of a clip shared by DJ Akademiks of his doppelganger getting kicked out of a Houston nightclub.

By all indications, fake Drake has also not received a cease and desist letter either. It doesn’t seem likely that anyone will sue the real Drake for any promises made by Fake Drake, although the possibility does exist.

In any case, fake Drake is back, and this time he says that he has a deal with celebrity boxing and wants the Toronto rapper in the ring with him for $1 million.

According to TMZ, Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing has confirmed that he signed the Drake impersonator, and he has booked a date for August 27th.

The event will be held whether or not the real Drake shows up. As for what fake Drake gets should he win, in a video shared on social media, he says the prize for him is $1M.

As for what the real Drake gets, it’s a bit lopsided- fake Drake promises to stop impersonating the rapper and former actor.

We’re not sure if that is a good enough inducement for Drake, who can easily stop fake Drake with a lawyer’s letter! In any case, the real Drake is also highly competitive when it comes to sports, so who knows, he might decide to do it for fun.