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Fake Drake Flexes After FaceTime Real Drake After Dropping New Album

Drake Izzyy
Drake, Izzyy Drake

Drake’s doppelganger FaceTime the OVO rapper to congratulate him for his new album.

Fake Drake may be letting his 15 minutes in the spotlight get to his head. It certainly appears that way after the pseudo-rapper used FaceTime Drake on Instagram to congratulate Drake on his latest project, Honestly, Nevermind.

“Yo, that album was hard, bro. Congratulations on the drop,” Izzy said to the OVO boss, during their call, before also insinuating that the pair would soon be dropping new music.

Fake Drake, also called Izzy Drake, popped up on the scene last year after he started showing up in clubs in Miami. What was a gimmick for clout soon got social media stirring, and eventually, Drake jokingly approved his doppelganger.

After that, his “career” took off, bringing him some serious cash. Some hardcore fans were willing to pay him as much as $5,000 or more for club appearances and performances.

That information was revealed after an interview with No Jumper last November. In that interview, he shared that he was touring and had been booked for other music events. According to him, the market opened up for him because Drake’s prices were too high for many promoters.

Drake’s latest album has drawn mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. While some people believe the album is not of his usual caliber, others have praised the fact that he chose to do something different. Most notably, this album features a collection of eclectic beats more along the lines of EDM.

Even those in the industry are split about it, which is probably something the “Certified Lover Boy” rapper was going for. For example, while Questlove of The Roots called the album a gift for DJs, Charlamagne Tha God was on the opposite side of the spectrum as he called it elevator music.