Summer Walker Confirms She’s Pregnant With Second Child

Summer Walker
Summer Walker

Summer Walker confirmed that she is pregnant with her second child.

The R&B singer shared several photos on Friday which showed her belly in a growing state. She did not say anything to fans as they speculated that she might be pregnant with her second child.

On Saturday (June 25), Summer Walker broke the news without much ado. “People asking if I am pregnant, I am,” she said.

“And I am very very very happy I’m very excited about it and this is gonna be different,” she said about her second pregnancy.

“It’s just, you know, really peaceful, really happy,” the Atlanta native said of her second experience carrying a child. “Lots of help, lots of love, and the only reason I’m even saying anything is because, you know, last time… I felt very disrespected that people didn’t let me tell that myself.”

On Friday night, the singer performed at a sold-out show in Los Angeles, and she shared her various performance looks, one of which made her look very pregnant.

Summer Walker is already a mother to daughter Princess Bubbles whom she shares with producer London On Da Track. That baby is almost one year old.

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The baby was born in March of 2021. However, she is not with London on Da Track anymore and is welcoming this second child soon with her current boyfriend and upcoming rapper LVRD Pharoh, who goes by the name Larry.

Summer Walker and Larry have been together for quite a long time as friends but began dating after her breakup from London On Da Track.

On Father’s Day, Summer Walker even credited Larry for playing the best father role in her daughter’s life and stepping up when she was pregnant just months into the life-changing event. In the now-deleted post, she shared a cake made especially for Larry with the word ‘Papa’ on the top.

“You broke a generational curse for my family showing me & my mother too what it really looked like to have a supportive loving patient father who’s really there through thick & thin. I appreciate all those mornings you got up with her to let me rest,” she said in a sweet post on Father’s Day.

In the meantime, Larry and Summer’s relationship seems to have blossomed as she recently tattooed his name on her forehead.

In her Instagram Stories on Friday, she shared a story of Larry making her a sandwich ahead of her performance in L.A.

She also shared a belly-baring photo from an angle showing her donning a nude bikini with a puka shells skirt.

Fans were also keen on the photos as they asked if she was inadvertently announcing her pregnancy, but there was no confirmation at that time.

“Brown & Beautiful,” she captioned the series of three photos.

Walker has yet to address the rumors, as well as Erykah Badu, who shared she’s going to be a doula.

However, her public appearance at the height of her second pregnancy is stark from her first pregnancy as she denied being pregnant multiple times, only saying that she was “bloated.”

Her pregnancy for London On Da Track did not improve either, as she claimed that the producer deserted her during her pregnancy. She has used many opportunities after the baby was born to blast London for being a bad father.

In one post, she called out London On Da Track for being “the worst baby daddy on the planet” and even said she wished she had “paid more attention” to who he was while they were involved.