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Jay-Z Reveals The Top 3 Things He Spends Money On To 21 Savage


Jay-Z shared the top 3 things he spend money on to 21 Savage following his new interview.

21 Savage recently sat down with Math Hoffa on My Expert Opinion podcast, where he spoke about his ongoing immigration case and how Jay-Z stepped up to help him after Meek Mill asked him to.

On Friday, the Atlanta rapper shared a text message he received from Jay-Z, who has no doubt seen the interview.

“Top 3 things… They asked you ‘Why a doctor,'” Hov’s text begins. “Can’t make no money/or spend money without your health ! Ha[.] Freedom/lawyer/deals/lawyer[.] Doctor/health. Chef/quality of life !”

The screenshot of the text is from an exchange the two had at Jay-Z’s home, where he explained three of the most important things to him.

“He just told me his top three things that he spent his money on,” he said. “We ain’t really have no financial conversation. He just was like, ‘Chef’; I went and got a chef. ‘A doctor’; I went and got a doctor. And he said a lawyer; I already had a lawyer at the time.”

“I had a lawyer, but the chef, hell yeah ’cause I eat cleaner, I don’t really gotta leave the house as much. And the doctor is convenient too; I hate hospitals and sh*t, so it’s good to have on call,” he added.

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21 Savage had the day before shared how Jay-Z hired attorney Alex Spiro to help him get out of ICE custody. He was picked up in a targeted operation in 2019 just days before his Grammys performance.

According to him, Meek Mill had intervened and asked the Roc-A-Fella mogul to help. Despite not being signed to the label, Jay-Z stepped in to help. Savage had good words for Jay-Z as his case could have led to deportation had he not had good representation.

It seems that Jay-Z’s text is alluding to his earlier wisdom nuggets that having a good attorney on your payroll is important.

Jay-Z has been the big homie for a lot of artistes in hip hop, including some artistes who own their own labels and have strong business acumens like Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, and more. Despite being super low-key and private, Hov has a good rapport with most of his peers in the hip-hop community.

As for 21 Savage, he is evidently learning a lot from one of the greatest artistes ever. The Atlanta rapper has remained low-key since his ICE arrest and has not even shared who he is dating despite relationship rumors with Latto.