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21 Savage Credits Meek Mill For Getting Jay-Z To Help With His ICE Case

21 Savage says Meek Mill was integral in getting Jay-Z to help freed him from ICE custody.

The Atlanta rapper in an interview published on Wednesday, shared that Jay-Z did not hitch after Meek Mill asked the Roc Nation CEO to intervene and help him.

In 2019, 21 Savage was arrested by the United States Immigration and Customs enforcement organization for overstaying his time as a British citizen. He was pending deportation before Jay-Z hired attorney Alex Spiro to assist with his case.

21 Savage was released on bond a week after his arrest and has not been deported to the United Kingdom, but his case is ongoing. Since then, Jay-Z, along with Spiro and Meek Mill, have been advocating and working hard to effect criminal justice reform and even trying to change the laws that criminalize rap music lyrics.

When asked about his ICE case, 21 Savage revealed that Jay-Z treated him as one of his own.

“It was one of them ‘he like us’ type of sh**. I don’t feel like he doing that for no anybody,” he began. “Yo, I ain’t rock nation or none of that sh** so he really did that sh*t off the strength.”

When asked about his reactions at the time, the rapper said he was concerned about being arrested.

“I wasn’t really nervous. I just wanted to get out. You know how that [goes]. I wasn’t nervous though cause I know I don’t do sh**. I [have] been here since I was 7 where the hell yall want me to go? I lost my virginity here, I probably got my first cut on my knee here…I wasn’t nervous I just was like why I gotta sit in this mother******,” he added.

Meanwhile, 21 Savage, whose real name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, says he believed that he was targeted as a rapper.

“Hell, yea for sure, I feel like any rapper a target, like if you rap about certain sh*t you automatically a target,” the Georgia rapper said.