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London On Da Track Accuses Summer Walker Of Holding Baby Hostage, Shares Receipts

London On Da Track and Summer Walker
London On Da Track and Summer Walker

London On Da Track expressed his frustration with the mother of his fourth child, Summer Walker, on Friday as he called her out for holding their one-year-old “hostage” over the last two months, among other grouses.

The producer seemed fed up as he called out Walker for running to the internet to gain sympathy over their issues while keeping him away from their daughter, who goes by the name of Bubbles.

It all started after Summer Walker shared a post on her Instagram Stories where she called out London On Da Track for being a horrible baby father.

“I literally have the worse bd on the face of the planet lol I can’t wait till I can just get some peace. It’s ok tho I have the most perfect bundle of joy in the world, wouldn’t change anything about my past if I could.”

Walker also shared several DMs she received from her fans bashing London.

The producer was not pleased with Summer’s posts, and he hopped in the comments to air out Walker for preventing him from seeing his daughter over the last two months.

Summer Walker daughter LVRD
Summer Walker / IG

“Still ain’t over it yu stay blockin me, trying to keep me from my lil one just so you can come on this net and call me a “deadbeat” you and I know that aint the truth! If you know you right why not bring me to court?? yu like running to the net seeking attention give it up the album out!”

The producer shared several screenshots of him trying to reach out to Walker over the last two months.

“I’m the one keep trying to bring you to court and u stay begging me not to because you have our infant on a vegan diet,” he said in another comment.
“Yu annoying af bro know u gone get on this net acting like you ain’t held my child hostage cut that goofy log off,” he said in another comment.

Summer Walker also responded on her Instagram Stories.

“1st time I held her “hostage” was cause when I got my child back she was covered in rashes from head to toe & and I didn’t find out till I had to change,” she said. “Cut the sh*t! It’s scary to leave children with you cause you don’t watch them weirdo. You take your gram pic and leave them with whoever,” Walker said.

Summer Walker also addressed London On Da Track’s claims that she isn’t letting him see Bubbles, noting that there were days and months he went without calling or seeing the child and added that they spoke about him coming to take her this weekend, but London had said he preferred to see her on Father’s Day.

“Almost 2 weeks from now just so you can take your lil pictures and drop her back off. You really a class narcissist,” she added.