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Cardi B Details Facing Discrimination As A Stripper, Joe Budden Criticized NY Clubs

Joe Budden Cardi B
Joe Budden, Cardi B

Cardi B on Thursday agreed with Joe Budden that there was prejudice by New York City strip club promoters while detailing her past experience with discrimination as a stripper.

In comments shared on Twitter on Thursday, the “Bodak Yellow” artist, who is also a former stripper, noted that she experienced racism and colorism while working in the clubs in New York where there was a preference and more opportunities for Latina strippers.

“Funny thing u say that because when I was a dancer certain clubs wouldn’t let me work on on “Latin nights” cause apparently I didn’t look Spanish enough wit my braids! I even spoke about strip club & colorism b4,” Cardi B said as she referenced her previous comments about her dark skin black best friend Star Brimm who has experienced racism.

Cardi B’s comments were in response to Joe Budden pointing out the stark contrast in NYC strip clubs which favored mainly light-skinned women with European features.

“NY strip clubs, not only are you not hiring Black women, but you’re purposely hiring the SAME exact girl,” Budden said in a comment on a post of women who appeared Latina or European on Instagram. “Your promoter having a type is gonna lose y’all money this Summer.. this is disgusting (not the girls, the optics).”

Cardi B
Cardi B

The photograph is apparently from the Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club & Restaurant in New York.

Elsewhere, Cardi B also responded to fans who have always called her out for her mixed heritage, with some calling her out for trying to be a black chick. Several photos of Cardi in braids have also been shared on social media by her loyal fans in defense of Cardi.

“How was I [trying] to look like a black chick? Before I had money to buy real good wigs I had to wear styles for my hair texture. Working in a strip club with a blow out or a leave out wig jus soo you can sweat it out in 5 minutes. Also in NYC clubs dark skin women get it always the worst [than] coloured women also don’t meet the standards of these promoters if you don’t have certain features or a certain type of look,” she said.

Meanwhile, at least one other person isn’t feeling Joe Budden’s comments. Waka Flocka Flame, who has often shared his preference for light skin women, shared Budden’s comment with a reply.

“Man [shut] yo soft a*s up,” he said about the comment.

A screenshot of the exchange was shared by DJ Akademik on his Instagram page, where Joe Budden responded with a challenge, “Or what?”

Neither of the two men have taken the conversation further since making their statements.