Vybz Kartel’s Son Likkle Addi Says Baby Not His: “I’m Not A Father”

Likkle Addi
Likkle Addi

Vybz Kartel’s son Likkle Addi says he is not the father.

In 2020, there was quite a buzz after news surfaced that Vybz Kartel’s youngest son, who was then 15 years old, had impregnated an 18-year-old female. The young artist and his parents, Vybz Kartel and Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, were dragged to filth by social media users for the pregnancy, which was revealed after photos of a baby shower surfaced on social media.

However, in a recent interview, Likkle Addi, who had appeared happy and giddy to become a father at such a young age, revealed that he “is not a father.”

While hosts from the show The Fix asked him about how he dealt with the backlash from social media when it was announced he was expecting a baby boy in 2020, the artist said he “couldn’t answer that question because I’m not a father.”

“At the time that was an internet frenzy but mi can’t answer that question because I am not a father,” he begins.

The hosts, clearly floored, paused for a few seconds, “not a father? So the baby is not yours? Mi confused,” Nardo Hart asks.

“Not a father,” Likkle Addi reveals. “Mi just confirm it. Just a make the people dem know because people still a ask me. Yea, confirmed,” he says.

When asked if there was any doubt in his mind about the baby being his, it appears he was caught off guard as he pointed out that it was he who posted the photo of him and the unidentified young lady smiling.

“At the time, well mi did elated at the time but mi nuh feel noway about it, live and learn everyday, anuh me a di first,” he said.

Likkle Addi is not the first dancehall artist to speak about getting what Jamaicans refer to colloquially as “jacket,” meaning that the paternity of a child is pinned on a man who is not the biological child.

It does seem that the DNA test was done a while back as Vybz Kartel has only shared his grandson, the child of Likkle Vybz. The incarcerated has never shared any images of another child since the pregnancy was announced.

Many had directed vitriol at Likkle Addi and his parents, whom they felt failed as parents, and as a result, the young man was saddled with the heavy responsibility of fatherhood when he should be in the middle of completing high school. However, Vybz Kartel had stepped in to defend both of the young expectant parents.

Meanwhile, in their interview on The Fix, both of Kartel’s sons showed a level of maturity and articulation as they spoke about music and their journey as the UTG duo.

When asked whom they seek to emulate in dancehall currently, the youngsters scoffed at the host’s question.

“Memba say we father a Vybz Kartel enuh and Vybz Kartel set one bag a trend bout the place so how we fi just get up and follow some artist?” Likkle Vybz asked.

“95% of them enuh a Vybz Kartel dem pattern enuh so how UTG fi come out and siddung and pree say ‘jah know a so we fi try do the thing like that n*****a ova so’, no,” he added.

Meanwhile, The Fix also tried to draw the brothers into more mixup by asking if they don’t trust Popcaan, with whom their father had issues in the past and whom a court witness last year said was the one who ordered a hit on the life of Popcaan sometime ago.

“Mi nuh trust nobody,” the older brother Likkle Vybz said as he closed off that line of questioning.