Jada Kingdom Says Asian Doll Cheated On King Von With Quavo & Lil Meech

Jada Kingdom Asian Doll
Jada Kingdom and Asian Doll

Jada Kingdom and her ex-BFF Asian Doll continues to air each other out on Instagram.

The dancehall artiste has found herself in the middle of fresh drama with her now ex-friend Asian Doll, who she says slept with Migos rapper Quavo and BMF star Lil Meech and others who are opps of her late boyfriend, King Von.

Jada Kingdom and Asian Doll have been beefing over the last week as they air out each other’s dirty laundry and exposing each other for sleeping with men in the industry.

It’s unclear how the drama started but Jada Kingdom had retaliated to Asian Doll’s statements about her and her boyfriend Nas EBK.

On Thursday, the squabble got nasty as Asian Doll claimed that Jada had slept with rapper Fredo Bang for $10K, but Jada popped up to confirm that it was 35K.

“B***ch said I sold my pu*** one time for 10K. Lies… It was actually 35K USD. Please state facts caz das not what I told yu,” Jada wrote on her Instagram Stories.

“Atleast yu know I’m not along unless the money talking. My product good like gold so it definitely has a price. You can’t name 5 ns I sold my py to” and that’s why yu really mad caz I’m not a thot or homie hope like you,” Jada added while claiming that she knew of 11 people Asian had slept with.

King Von Asian Doll
King Von, Asian Doll

Jada Kingdom and threw dirt on Asian Doll, who she says has been allegedly moving around with a number of other of men in the industry, two of whom she named, Quavo and Black Mafia Family actor Lil Meech.

“Quavo fed you and sent you off with NADA. Lil Meech fed you and you basically disappeared. Should I go keep going caz idk who too you to go there…with me,” Jada wrote in another Instagram Story.

“Don’t let me start talking who yu told me to was f****n while with Von. Girl yu a THOT,” she added.

Earlier in the week, Asian Doll and Jada Kingdom’s boyfriend Nas EBK had a spat on Instagram as she called that the upcoming rapper was living off of Jada and was the source of the problems between her and Jada.

“Who I f***d for 10 bands,” she said, as Nas EBK claimed she allegedly slept with someone who is opps to her late ex-boyfriend, King Von.

“What me and Jada got going on, we b****es n***ah,” Asian is heard talking over Nas EBK.

“You want to come between two friends, we took you in, you messy a** n****…you came became two best friends,” Asian Doll said in a live video.

Jada later said that the problems with her ex-Bff started because Asian was secretly hating and competing with her.

It doesn’t seem like the women will make up any time soon.