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50 Cent Fuels Lil Meech and Michael Rainey Jr. Beef Over ‘BMF’ & ‘Power’

50 Cent Michael Rainey jr
50 Cent, Michael Rainey Jr.

50 Cent uses a friendly beef between two of his main stars, Lil Meech and Michael Rainey Jr., to push ratings for the two shows.

If it’s one role that 50 Cent relishes, it’s playing devil’s advocate. The professional troll is enjoying the light-hearted feud between Lil Meech and Michael Rainey Jr., and he’s adding fuel to the fire as the playful war wages on.

The two have been duking it out virtually on Instagram as they go head to head with the rising popularity of both Power Book II: Ghost and BMF. The two shows are insanely popular and are both in contention for the #1 spot on Starz.

Veteran rapper and executive producer of both series, 50 Cent, is enjoying the war and hyping up both sides. Their comedic battle started last week when both stars had an entire back-and-forth. This week it looks like they’re at it again.

This week’s battle started after 50 Cent shared a clip from a recent episode of Ghost. It was captioned, “don’t get scared now little n*gga, you a man now right !”

Lil Meech wasted little time in jumping into the comment section to take a jab at Michael Rainey Jr.

“U scared?” he wrote, and he was sure to tag Michael Rainey Jr., which drew a response from 50, as he goaded them on saying, “What’s going on @lilmeechbmf said @michaelraineyjr scared.” He added, just for good measure, “Why would he say some sh*t like that? I don’t know i’m not in it!”

It’s only a matter of time before the two trade virtual blows again, considering that when the war started last week, it was because of another 50 Cent post in which he said, “@lilmeechbmf let’s go, time to get busy. Now look BMF Highest rated show but, GHOST it feels like ya might got a problem. @michaelraineyjr LOL IM DON KING IN THIS SH*T! i don’t care who win i’m leaving with the winner.”

Who are you backing in this television war?