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6ix9ine Responds To 42 Dugg Challenging Him To A Fight In Miami

6ix9ine 42 Dugg
6ix9ine, 42 Dugg

Tekashi 6ix9ine is on a roll again as he called out 42 Dugg and threatened to “smack the fire” out of him.

The rainbow-haired rapper has been getting backlash over his latest shenanigans involving a Lil Durk lookalike, Perkio, who accused him of ambushing him to get a rise out of Lil Durk. While on Instagram Live, 6ix9ine went off on 42 Dugg, who had commented on the situation with Durk’s lookalike.

In a post on Instagram, Dugg had called out 6ix9ine for his actions towards Perkio. “I hate when b****h n****s do hoe sh*t to good people rat n*****s involving white boys in street sh** n****s be lames and hoe a** n****s could’ve pulled up on so many other n**** they pull up on a kid with nothing to do with nothing,” he began.

“Y’all can never expect a non street person to understand the streets these nS blowing down on kids tryna ruin kids life knowing ah real na ah spit on u b****h n***s,” he added.

6ix9ine was not pleased that 42 Dugg had inserted himself into the ongoing drama and told him he would smack him in a match-up.

“Yow 42 Dugg I would smack the sh*t out you bro, I would smack the fire out of you as word to my life,” he began.

69 also said he was on parole but would still get into a fighting match with 42 Dugg.

“Yo bro I’m on parole, but with just me and you bro If you say yo let’s lock in a a room and get, I would smack fire in you! With your consent, with your consent, if you say yow it’s lit if you say let’s get it, we gon get it. Don’t call the cops on me or no nothing I would smack the fire out of you!” he said.

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42 Dugg later responded that he would fight 6ix9ine for half a million dollars.

“I wana to fight for half a million in cash, Miami, we coming to Miami tomorrow, we coming to Miami tomorrow let’s fight for a half a million, I don’t wana talk, Don’t bring the federal government I don’t give a f***k,” he said in a live video.

In a later comment, 42 Dugg also commented on 6ix9ine’s initial video, saying, “with my consent, let’s do something.”

Dugg also taunted 6ix9ine on IG Live. “Set me up, I wana be set up for the money, Miami fight me one on one,” he said in another video.

6ix9ine has not responded as yet to the offer.