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6ix9ine Brags About Not Needing Security, Says King Von, Nipsey Hussle Died Lacking

Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine

6ix9ine says he doesn’t need security to move around the hood despite his opps claims and that late rappers like King Von, Nipsey Hussle, and Pop Smoke were caught lacking.

There aren’t many rappers in the hip-hop world with as bad a reputation as 6ix9ine. After all, he’s been accused of the one thing that is truly hated by all in the community, and that’s snitching. However, with the help of his new manager, Wack 100, he’s been making a comeback to the community.

This was evidenced by his latest video and single called “GINE” last week. Before that much wasn’t heard from the rapper, but now it looks like he wants everyone to know that he really doesn’t care what they think about him being considered a snitch.

Tekashi 6ix9ine made that clear during an appearance on Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast, where he not only defended his actions which helped him to secure an early release just about two years ago, but also said he didn’t need any protection from the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods that he testified against.

When addressing the stigma of being called a rat, he said, “A rat is in the fing building. Fck a room ’cause this whole sht flooded with nas. I’m comfortable, na. Nobody gonna do nothing ’cause I’m telling you I’m like this everywhere. Subtract him [points], subtract him [points], subtract all these nas here … hear what I’m saying! I’m like this without them.”

6ix9ine continues in his response to say that no matter what happens, even if a person goes hungry or becomes depressed, the fact remains that people, especially the ones you consider family, will turn their backs on you and say that it is not their problem.

69 also now seems to be a walking contradiction as further down in the program, he claims to be making million-dollar calls from his “multi-million dollar home” despite claiming before a judge that he was struggling to make ends meet earlier this month.

The “GOOBA” rapper also claimed that everyone knows that he still moves around in the hood and that he doesn’t need security to do so. He added that if he chose to he could stay at home as he did for the past two years and enjoy being with his family. He said that he instead chose to use his platform to help new rappers and that it was he who created the Treway.

As if that wasn’t enough, 6ix9ine then did his second favorite thing: go after the late King Von as he tried to prove that he’s not afraid and doesn’t need any security.

“Y’all not tired of making excuses?” he wrote. “Did KING VON not die in front of his security and police!? Did our former president JFK not die with secret service all around him!? should I keep going? What’s with all the excuses?” he added.

6ix9ine has continually gone after OTF rappers, and he used his latest track, “GINE,” to do so once again. In the track, he references the death of King Von, who was shot and killed in 2020.

“Your man got shot, you made a diss track/Go get a gun and get some get back/Your man got shot, he not coming back/Go get a gun and get some get back/You a b####, I knew you wouldn’t ride for your homie/I knew you wouldn’t ride by your doley,” he raps in the second verse of the track.

The New York rapper was adamant that rappers like King Von, Nipsey Hussle, and Pop Smoke, were killed because they were caught lacking.