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Police Body Cam Video Shows Benzino Arrest After Altercation Althea Heart


Benzino was reportedly arrested following an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Althea Heart and another man.

It seems like Benzino cannot catch a break. The reality television star was recently arrested again as reports surfaced that he popped up on his ex Althea Heart, the mother of his child, and things did not go down well. Miss Heart was with a male friend, and the two men got into an argument that apparently resulted in Benzino damaging the man’s truck.

If that was not wild enough, the police were called to the scene, and the bodycam footage shows a distraught Benzino shirtless, raging in the woman’s front yard. The circulated clip also shows the officer speaking to Heart, who claimed that the former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star showed up at her home unannounced as she was coming home from a walk with her male partner and threatened her friend. Benzino, she said, was so upset that he punched the man’s truck, denting it, and kept threatening the man until the cops showed up.

The footage also showed Benzino, whose government name is Raymond Scott, screaming while officers took witness statements. The 56-year-old record producer denied damaging the vehicle. His side of the story is that he had simply shown up to watch his son play tennis when his ex’s friend became confrontational.

According to the police, the man tried to leave, but Benzino stood in the way. When Althea got into the driver’s seat and attempted to pull away, Benzino struck the vehicle multiple times with his fist. The police observed two dents on the driver’s seat rear door, and Benzino’s claims that it was the man that threatened him were discarded as eyewitnesses on the scene told the police that Scott kept shouting obscenities and hitting the truck.

The rapper, who had released a single “The Bigger Picture” in 2020, has been in the news a lot lately due to his ongoing rocky relationship with his daughter, rapper Coi Leray. She is constantly pushing back at his seemingly controlling nature when it comes to her career. Leray recently checked her father after he almost ruined her opportunity to be featured on the track “Blick Blick” with Nicki Minaj after sharing information about the single without either artiste’s permission.

Scott has also made a few unflattering remarks about his daughter’s sexuality, to which she has stated that her father was upset because she revealed to the world that he was pretty much “broke” after he lost his stakes in The Source as no celebrity wants that kind of information about them becoming public knowledge.