Aidonia Tattoo His Wife Kimberly Megan & Son Name On His Chest

Aidonia Kimberly
Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan

Aidonia gets a giant tattoo of his wife and son’s name on his chest.

Show me it’s real and put it in ink. Dancehall veteran Aidonia did just that in homaging his wife Kimberly Megan and his son King Khalif.

Forget about the pain of the needle sinking into your epidermis and instead concentrate on how proud your significant other will be of you once you show up and show off the finished masterpiece. Aidonia made such a bold move recently when he decided to get a tattoo of both his wife and son’s names on his chest. The talented tattoo artiste shared a snippet of the process on his Tik Tok page, and it has since made its way over to other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

The 41-year-old “Yeah Yeah” entertainer was stripped down to cute aquamarine shorts, white sneakers, and socks, plus some heavy chains around his neck. Looking well comfortable in the tattoo artist’s chair, he got the words ‘Kim’ and ‘Khalif’ inked over his left breast, which is close to where the heart is located. Both names were also adorned with crowns. The “Jack Hammer” artiste, whose real name is Sheldon Lawrence, has been married to Kimberly Megan since 2016, and the two have a nine-year-old son.

The piece was done by Jamaican tattoo artist Romie Prince, who recently worked on Shenseea as he did her famous ShenYeng tattoo on her arm. In the video, Aidonia’s 2020 hit “Look” played in the background while he tried to get through the painful process of looking as gangster as possible. In the pictures posted on Romie Prince’s Instagram page, the “Siddung Fi D Jockey” artiste had a bottle of Moet at his feet, a near-empty cup in one hand, and what appears to be a spliff tail in the other.

Aidonia tattoo
Aidonia tattoo

The Tik Tok video of him being tattooed has since gone viral, and most fans are pleased not only with the final result but also with how he chose to demonstrate the love he has for his family. Others, however, said that the people who like the idea of him doing it would have blasted and criticized a female artiste for doing a similar act.

One fan commented, “Love the way this man loves his family. This nice ehhh. Not very often we see things like this from dancehall artists. Dem rather put on gun and skull. Let’s go gentleman, you all need to follow this trend.” Another posted, “Why not. Him and har deh from high school days til now. Call d man yam head now nuh cuz everything you do eena one relationship you a yam head,” while a male fan chimed, “Yow mi gena, a pressure yah put pon d rest a we yah now ennuh. But go see side gyal a kiss up Kim name tpc!”