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DaBaby Denied He Tried To Kiss A Female Fan After Video Went Viral


DaBaby says a viral video of him seemingly trying to kiss a female fan is not what it looks like.

The Charlotte rapper is defending his recent actions in a video where he is seen forcing himself on a female fan and trying to kiss her twice while she turned away in visible discomfort. Despite her lack of cooperation, DaBaby tried to kiss the woman who is seen wearing a black dress.

A video of the incident is circulating on social media where the “Rockstar” rapper is seen standing before a large group of female fans in Las Vegas. A close-up video showed him approaching the woman whom he leaned in with puckered lips to kiss, but she turned away even after he tried to grab her face to plant a kiss.

On Thursday, he, however, denied that he kissed the fan as he shared a longer video showing him embracing a fan. The longer video, however, had a different woman that he had grabbed onto and was hugging.

“Y’all go head on man,” he said on an Instagram Story.

“Me & my booboos love eachother to death but ain’t no kissin goin on,” he added on the same story with the longer video where the first woman in black that he tried to kiss is supposedly heard saying, “that ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby,” behind the woman the rapper is hugging.

Still, the longer video is awkward as DaBaby appears miniature-size next to the woman who is taller than him. DaBaby is seen buckling his legs over the woman who holds onto his thigh to keep them from falling.

DaBaby is no stranger to controversies surrounding his fans and even critics. Just last month he made headlines for a fight with DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, at a bowling alley in California. Bills is now suing the rapper for assault.

While on The Breakfast Club recently, DaBaby was asked about the incident which he denied any responsibility for. When asked about the incident he was in, the rapper corrected one of the hosts saying, “the incident got into me.”

DaBaby and his security guards were seen on video beating Bills, who is the brother of his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh. He also claimed that the incident has scarred him and left him fearful.

“Ye man I don’t know how to way work today…I’m still scared of that situation, I heard it was gonna be rough on me, so I don’t really I don’t want to speak on it, he might pop up downstairs,” he said.

The fight between the two rappers stems from DaniLeigh’s brother reacting to DaBaby throwing her and their three-month-old baby out of his house at 2 am while also having the police charge Danileigh for assault.

The rapper was seen in the video belittling DaniLeigh as he tried to get her to leave his home. The humiliation did not sit well with her brother, who had threatened to deal with DaBaby man to man.

Last month, reports suggest that Bills was at London on the Track hosted even when an uninvited DaBaby showed up to fight the rapper. He’s been banned by the bowling alley for the fight and is being investigated by the police for assault with a deadly weapon.

Despite being the one to start the fight, DaBaby claims that he was afraid and avoided areas Bills would be in. In the meantime, DaBaby is facing a civil lawsuit brought by Bills for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence in relation to the bowling alley beatdown.

Bills, whose real name is Brandon Curiel, filed the lawsuit days after the incident where he claimed that he had walked by DaBaby in the SoCal Bowling alley when DaBaby suddenly attacked him, leaving him with severe injury and pain.

He says he was left with physical and psychological damage and has incurred medical bills and sustained disability.