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DaBaby Claims Self-Defence As DaniLeigh’s Brother Files Lawsuit

DaniLeigh’s brother files a lawsuit against her ex.

The upcoming rapper filed a lawsuit against DaBaby for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence in relation to the bowling alley beatdown he received from DaBaby and his security entourage last week.

According to TMZ, Bills, whose real name is Brandon Curiel, claims in the lawsuit that he walked by DaBaby in the SoCal Bowling alley when DaBaby suddenly attacked him, leaving him with severe injury and pain.

Curiel claims that he didn’t fight back during the entire incident. As a result, he is left with physical and psychological damage and has incurred medical bills and sustained disability.

The celebrity news site didn’t go further into the details of the injuries. It’s unclear the amount of compensation he is seeking. Bills previously popped up on Instagram to say he was doing fine after the attack and did not seem to have any lasting physical injury.

In the meantime, the Los Angeles Police Department has said it is investigating the attack, which was videoed by bystanders who did not render help. Parts of the incident were caught on video showing DaBaby kicking Bills in the face and head area while his security guards appeared to hold him down so DaBaby could land punches on him. Security guards were also seen grabbing Bills by his locks and flinging him into the ground face first.

Brandon Bills

The police say they are investigating DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon as Bills was kicked in the head while he slipped on the Bowling Alley lane.

In the meantime, Dababy has been banned from the Bowling Alley, and he is also claiming the attack is “self-defense.”

The controversial rapper is known for his cantankerous behavior and has been sued in the past for allegedly attacking a cab driver and in a separate incident shooting and killing a man in a Walmart a few years back.

The rapper has not reacted to the latest lawsuit.