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50 Cent Says Chris Rock $100m Lawsuit Looming, Praises Him For Not Hitting Will Smith

Chris Rock 50 Cent
Chris Rock, 50 Cent

50 Cent says Chris Rock lawsuit is looming as he praised the comedian for keeping his composure and not hitting back Will Smith.

Rapper 50 Cent has added his opinion to the Oscars saga where Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock after a tasteless joke about his wife’s bald head. It’s the first time 50 Cent is speaking on the issue after Rock made his first appearance at his comedy show in Boston on Wednesday night.

The comedian addressed the slapping incident at his stand-up set by saying he was still processing the entire thing and would speak on it sometime in the future. His fans did say that the comedian was in good spirits and had a show packed with jokes for his sold-out audience.

Among those who have shared support for the show was 50 Cent.

“I don’t know how @chrisrock held his composure, but i’m glad he didn’t make a mess of the whole thing,” he captioned a news headline from the Hollywood Reporter, which he shared on IG.

His tone on Thursday is different, however, as he shared several memes of Will Smith slapping the comedian at the start of the week.

He has since gone back to posting video edits of the incident, including a video that incorporates the claps from the “Men In Black” instrumental in which Will Smith had a lead role. The sounds are synced to the slapping motion on Rock, and 50 Cent adds further commentary.

“This sh*t is funny till that law suit hit, here it come in 5, 4, 3, 2, $100,000,000,” Fif wrote. “yeah that’s how this kinda sh*t plays out!”

Other celebrities like Jim Carey have called for Rock to sue Will Smith for $200 million as he reasoned that the slap was seen across the world and that the video will live on the internet forever and will continue to cause the comedian trauma.

Will Smith has not been seen publicly since.