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Nicki Minaj Staunchly Defends Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Over Jada Joke At The Oscars

Chris Rock Will Smith
Chris Rock and Will Smith Oscars

Nicki Minaj sends warning to folks who like to disrespect people’s wives following Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

News spread on Monday morning that Will Smith dealt a hot slap to Chris Rock after he made a crude joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Many have reacted in support of Will, including Nicki Minaj.

A video of the now moment has now gone viral with Chris Rock joking about Jada returning with G.I Jane 2 (a movie she starred in as a bald character). However, the joke was not received well by Jada Pinkett-Smith, who could be seen screwing up her face and rolling her eyes in disbelief, while Will Smith can be seen walking up the stage briskly and slapping Rock.

Seconds later, Rock tries to brush off the slap as he says, “Will Smith just smacked the s***t out of me,” and calls the slap a historical moment in history.

Many have questioned whether the slap is real or fake, with some even defending Smith’s actions in defense of his wife, who recently made it known that she was suffering from Alopecia-driven hair loss and has had patches on her scalp leading to the decision to cut her hair low.

Jada has always kept her hair short, but lately, she is completely bald while also being transparent with her fans behind the reason for the new hairstyle. That still hasn’t stopped many from poking fun at her and creating memes that shade her and Smith’s relationship, particularly because of the activities of their marriage, which included an open affair between Jada and artist August Alsina.

Among those who have jumped to Will’s defense is Nicki Minaj, who tweeted on Monday that the comedian and the Oscars failed to vet his joke.

“I love Chris Rock. I don’t think he would’ve made that joke had he known what Jada recently shared- but between him & the whole team @ the #Oscars you mean to tell me not ONE of y’all heard this woman just share this heartbreaking story? #ComeOnSon …,” she said in one tweet.

“The husband gets a front row seat to his wife’s pain… he’s the 1 consoling her… drying her tears behind closed doors when those cameras go off. Social media has made ppl feel that these “husbands” won’t ever run into them in real life,” Minaj passionately tweeted.

She continued, “You just got to witness in real time what happens in a man’s soul when he looks over to the woman he loves & sees her holding back tears from a “little joke” at her expense. This is what any & every real man feels in that instant. while y’all seeing the joke he’s seeing her pain.”

Nicki Minaj, who also has faced jokes and criticisms about her husband Kenneth Petty, who was convicted of rape, had a warning for those who continually disrespect people’s wives.

“Imagine what it must feel like to be losing your hair to the point where you have to shave it bald. You think that’s easy to deal with for anyone? You don’t think she’s cried about that many times? 2022 y’all gon have to see these men about those jokes you made about their wives,” she said.

Neither Chris Rock nor Will Smith has officially spoken about the incident. It’s unclear if Chris Rock will press charges.