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Big Sean Shares Sweet Tribute To Jhene Aiko On Her 34th Birthday

Big Sean Jhene Aiko
Big Sean, Jhene Aiko

Big Sean shared a sweet tribute to his girlfriend, Jhene Aiko, on her birthday.

The R&B singer turned 34 on Wednesday, March 16, and her rapper boo didn’t miss a beat in making sure she felt special. Big Sean posted a series of photos, including pics of them together and photos of only her.

“Happy Birthday to my best friend, my love, the most authentic, talented, healing, Creative, angelic person/Alien I know! Im lucky to have you in my life and to be apart of yours, let’s change the world even more! I love you Efuru @jheneaiko,” Sean Don wrote.

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have been dating on and off for several years, and it finally seems that they found the perfect harmony that keeps them together since they’ve been going strong for a while. It seems they’ve also been working on new music together as fans await another album from the Twenty88 duo.

Jhene Aiko recently opened up about her decision to stop using the N-word in her music as well as her ethnicity.

Ethnicity is a complex topic, especially for people of mixed backgrounds who sometimes have trouble being seen as belonging to one group or another. In addition to being a hugely talented singer and performing artist, Jhene Aiko is one of these people who has dealt with being incorrectly categorized her entire life.

Of course, from a social perspective, race is defined by how others see you, and sometimes that comes with certain expectations and rules regarding language. Jhene addressed much of this in a recent interaction with fans on social media who were curious about her ethnic identity.

When a fan asked Aiko what she was mixed with, she jokingly replied, “Whispers, cat hair, slauson asphalt and sand from venice beach.”

On a much more serious note, Jhene Aiko added that she is less black and less white than persons who are half both races and even less Asian than both. Probably because Jhene has often been identified as Asian and not as Black, it seems like she wanted to clarify that she is, in fact, more Black than Asian.

Jhene Aiko posted more on the topic later, clarifying exactly what her ethnic background is to the best of her knowledge while also explaining why she has made the personal decision to stop using the n-word in her music.

“The discussion stemmed from the use of the n word in my music, in the past…and I let it be known I haven’t in a while and chose not to use it anymore moving forward out of respect for my ancestors,” Aiko said.

Perhaps Big Sean will start