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Rick Ross Doesn’t Know Saucy Santana, Says Hip Hop Embraces LGBTQ Rappers

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross admits he doesn’t know Saucy Santana, but believes hip hop is already embracing gay rappers in the genre.

Is hip-hop already accepting gay rappers? Well, according to Rick Ross, the genre has embraced them and made them a part of the industry. The “Hustlin'” rapper who was recently asked to share his thoughts on the subject said that there are no real barriers to individuals who come out as gay.

The 46-year-old rapper and record executive, whose government name is William Roberts, gave his opinion on the topic during an interview with Quentin Latham of Fox Soul, where he was asked about gay rappers entering the rap game and their possible influence on the genre.

When asked about newcomer Saucy Santana, Rick ross stated, “I’m not familiar with the name Santana, but live your life, chase your dream, and go had man, go hard.” When asked if hip-hop can ‘keep it hundred’ with the LGBTQ community, he responded, “I believe hip-hop has already embraced the LGBTQ community, without a doubt.”

Not everyone shares Ross’ overly optimistic outlook about homosexual rappers. Just last month, rapper Isaiah Rashad was ‘outed’ when videos of him engaging in same-sex acts made their way online.

Nonetheless, the general perception of gay hip hop entertainers has changed as members embrace their true identities. Lil Nas X has branded himself as one of the voices pushing for the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community where music and specifically hip hop is concerned.

Lil Nas X shot to stardom with the release of his country-infused single ‘Old Town Road” in 2019. The song went on to climb the charts internationally and became diamond certified by November of that year.

Old Town Road” reigned supreme at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a whopping nineteen weeks, earning the distinction as being the longest-running number one song since the chart debuted in 1958. Lil Nas X came out as gay during the height of the song’s popularity, becoming the only artist to do so while having a number one record.

Lil Nas X has faced major criticism from the likes of fellow rapper Boosie Badazz, who hurled homosexual slur at the “Rodeo” rapper following a joke about the two of them having a song together.