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Charlamagne Hint Kanye Complains About Pete Davidson’s Large Package

Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God drops some obvious hints that Kanye West called him to complain about Pete Davidson’s rumored extra large package.

The Breakfast Club host on Monday clapped back at Kanye West, who dragged him into his tirade on Sunday as he dished out threats at comedian D.L. Hughley for speaking on his messy divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Charlamagne brought a high level of pettiness as he responded to Kanye West by telling him to leave things alone.

While doing that against the soundtrack for Beyonce’s “Big Ego”, the radio host insinuated that Kanye had called him last year to vent about Pete Davidson’s penis size.

Pete Davidson has been dating Kim Kardashian for a little under six months, while Kardashian filed for divorce from January 2021.

“Speaking about big egos Kanye West, remember when you called me last November and we were yelling and screaming at each other you told me what you really mad about king,” Charlamagne Tha God dished tea on Kanye.

“You told me what was really bothering you about this situation, this is why it’s hard to take you serious when I see you rant because I know what’s really bothering you. You know I know, alright you could fool people on social media you can fool people the general public, you know I know but let’s just leave that for now. I have nothing else to say here for now, unless Kanye you want me to say more. Personally, Imma just send you some healing energy, that’s it, that’s all,” he added.

He also sang part of the song mockingly, which left the other hosts in stitches- “I ain’t say nothing about that let Beyonce sing. It’s too big, it’s too wide,” he says while laughing.

In January, Charlamagne, who co-hosts The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy and Angela Yee, called out Kanye for his treatment towards Kim and Pete.

“Kanye is the epitome of just because someone does something good for you doesn’t mean they’re good for you,” he said about the rapper calling Pete a “d**khead”.

Charlamagne continued, “That’s what Pete is giving her right now. Normalcy. Pizza, ice cream, and Staten Island… It’s driving him crazy that he has all that money and she’s not interested in none of that right now. Just be a good father to your kids and let the marriage go, king.”