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Kim Kardashian Officially Filed For Divorce As Kanye West Still Wears Wedding Ring

Kanye West and Kim K
Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has officially filed for divorce from Kanye West while he is still wearing his wedding ring.

This news should come as no surprise since things have been trending in that direction for the Wests. TMZ reported on Friday that Kim Kardashian has finally pulled the trigger and filed for divorce while asking for joint custody of their four children. Given that these two celebrities are super-wealthy individuals, you would think that their divorce would be super messy, but it turns out that they’re well in advance into working out their property settlements, and also, neither of them are contesting their ironclad prenup.

Over a decade ago, Kanye West asked his listeners a pretty intriguing question on his track “Coldest Winter.” “If spring can take the snow away / Can it melt away all of our mistakes?” He questioned. It seems things have come full circle, as Mr. West was recently spotted in Malibu wearing his wedding ring in the middle of his split from Kim Kardashian. Could this be that he is keeping his fingers crossed, hoping to get back with the mother of his kids?

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself wearing a set of Yeezys while rocking a bikini. The picture seemed complete except for her missing wedding band.

According to sources, “Kanye is not well.” The source in question explained that the rapper “is anxious and very sad. He knows that the marriage is over, and there’s nothing that can be done right now. He also knows what he is losing in Kim.”

2020 proved to be a trying year for the famous couple. Following a more than usual occurrence of Twitter meltdowns, Kanye West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In January 2021, sources revealed that Kim was ready to end the 7-year marriage with Kanye. “Kim has made it clear that Kanye can talk to his children anytime he wants,” says the source. “She has never threatened to keep him from the kids. She only requires that he is not going to damage them. Kanye can FaceTime the kids anytime he wants. He hasn’t been great about that, but everyone is encouraging him to do it.”

“Kim doesn’t want to hurt him,” the source continues. “She just knows she can’t be married to him anymore. He is very aware that she has been a good wife. He still loves her very much. But he understands.”

Kanye West was also reportedly seen moving hundreds of pairs of sneakers out of the home he shared with Kardashian. Kim has hired high-profile divorce attorney Laura Wasser and had been working behind the scenes for the past several months to get her affairs in order as she preps to file for divorce. Seems she is now at the place and divorce is all but certain.

On the other hand, sources are saying that Kanye West is not in a good place but knows that his marriage to Kim is over.