Shenseea Talks Rihanna Comparison, Musical Influences, Dating & Kanye West


Shenseea sat down with Angie Martinez as she gave insight on her plans and her musical journey so far.

The artist has been in the spotlight following her recent release “Lick,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, which has been trending due to the controversial song and lyrics. Shenseea noted that her and Megan’s friendship began with the Houston Hottie being the “realest female artist that showed me real genuine love and energy” after attending her party.

Shenseea on recording “Lick” with Megan Thee Stallion

She also said when Megan Thee Stallion agreed to jump on her track “Lick,” she felt the “Wap” rapper was capping.

“She loves my music and I feel like that’s why she wasted no time jumping on the track. I honestly didn’t think she was gonna do it, I think she was capping, you feel me?” she said.

She added that she had sent the song to Megan, who took no time to send back a verse.

On starting her career at age 19

Shenseea, 25, whose real name is Chinsea Lee, has been in the game since she was 19 years old and was discovered by Romeich Major in Kingston while working as a bottle girl for his party promotion company. When asked about her growth as an artist, Lee was quick to point out that her vocals have had the biggest changes.

“The voice was not what it is today…honestly, I could have sung more back then because I’ve been to so much shows and working my voice it has matured and I find out that I can’t hit notes as easily as when I was just doing it being authentic with it,” she said.

Shenseea said she has been deejaying and rapping a lot which has sort of reduced her singing abilities, but she practices to ensure she doesn’t lose touch.

“I feel I’m better now though, I now know control, I know how to write and what people would react to, I’ve matured and I’m better at my craft,” she added.

Despite her young career, Shenseea became the first female Jamaican artist to hit the Billboard Hot 100 in 17 years. The singer says that she has been breaking barriers by just being herself and doing what she loves when asked why no other female has achieved the feat.

Shenseea on working with Kanye West

Shenseea is poised to collect four Grammy awards at the 64th Grammy’s for her features on projects by Kanye West (two nominations off of the album Donda) and “Silver Tongue Devil” by Masego (best progressive R&B album for his EP ‘Studying Abroad’), and Major Lazer’s “Tiny” (best dance / electronic music album).

The “Blessed” singer said Kanye had seen her rap on Funk Flex and got in touch with her team, asking for her to get on his album. She said that the experience working with Kanye was different.

“It wasn’t even just the studio, it was the whole environment. Talking about different areas different places that people would voice,” she said the studio setting was in a warehouse.

“Everybody was just so professional. It was nothing crazy like you had to be saying to yourself what am I doing here. It was like I stepped here, it’s time to work, that’s the vibe and he (Ye) is very hardworking,” she said about working with Kanye West.

“First he lets you do what you do, and then he directs you, he’s a very give and take person, he lets the artist express themselves freely,” she said as she added that she now has a sort of mentorship relationship with Kanye.

“He’s one that supports me, I feel like ever since then, he’s been like a mentor to me in certain things, he’s been telling me what I need to do,” she said.

When asked about the best advice that Kanye has given to her, Shenseea says her biggest takeaway working with Kanye is understanding that it’s important to “not put all your eggs in one basket.”

“What he does is a lot. That’s why he’s where he is, he’s like a genius,” she said.

Shenseea on being compared to Rihanna and her top music influences

Shenseea also touched on the comparisons online between her and Rihanna as many fans provoke public discourse by claiming that Shenseea can replace Rihanna. According to Shenseea, her “top top” influences are Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Vybz Kartel.

Rihanna Fenty

She says she’s not bothered by the comparisons.

“Riri is my girl. I’ve been watching her since I was a kid, and I don’t think if she hears that she should be offended because she is one of my biggest inspirations,” she said.

In the meantime, Shenseea says she’s diversifying her portfolio. She says among her business plans are a move to engage a bigger brand to sponsor her lashes company to widen her market access, and she is also focusing on lip gloss fresh off of her “Lick” song for women and chapsticks for men.

Shenseea on taboo subject of her song “Lick” when it comes to Jamaican men

The artiste who appeared comfortable as she spoke to Martinez also reacted to questions about her experience in getting oral sex from Jamaican men, a taboo act that is condemned in the dancehall space.

“me? No,” Shenseea says when asked if she encounters Jamaican men who do not “lick.”

“I mean, once a man loves and respects a woman, anything is on the table,” she said. “I feel like Jamaicans are more open to it now… of course [the culture has changed]” she added as Angie asked her, “the men are going down?” to which she laughs and explains the reason behind people not performing oral sex as they did not want to cause their reputations to be tarnished in dancehall.

Shenseea dishes her dating life

In the meantime, Shenseea also offered information on what men might need to know when it comes to her picking a mate.

The singer said she likes “freaks,” but the number one thing is a supportive man because she is a confident woman who doesn’t want someone to control her.

“I do what I want. You can advise me because I’m not ignorant but you can’t tell me I can’t wear this or I can’t go out,” she said.

She added that she doesn’t like thirsty men but rather likes more substance in a man. “Sometimes as women you know when someone got a Big D energy, it’s how they move, how they talk, they’re trying to be seen too much, you just know when a man has a big D energy… you feel that energy,” she added.

Shenseea also had something to say about the men who do not have “Big D” energy. “No,” she said when asked if small D energy is ok.

The artist keeps things light as she said small D is ok because “I’ve been in that situation before,” as she said she has fallen for sweet and respectful men in the past.

“It’s how you speak to me, no man can call me a B or Hoe or whatever, even when we get angry, you still respect me.”

The singer says she’s into long-lasting relationships, but she’s not on the market right now.

Shenseea also spoke about her son seeing her “Lick” video and hilariously shared that Rajeiro, who is passing the baby stage and being a boy now, has told her, “mom, I don’t want to see your butt” when she shows him her videos. She adds that he knows some of her songs and would sing them.

Shenseea on her debut album Alpha

Shenseea also took the time to plug her upcoming debut album set for release in March. The deejay noted that her album is about “versatility” and will have something for everyone.

She added that fans could expect a tour after the album drops, and there will be promotional appearances and performances for her fans.

“Working on it right now,” she says about tapping into larger spaces for her career.

Shenseea on performing at the Grammys

In the meantime, Shenseea held back on disclosing whether she would be performing at the Grammy’s but confirmed that she would be attending the event. This year’s Grammy’s are being held in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022.

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