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Lil Baby Splurge On Jayda Cheaves Pre-Valentine’s Romance With Red Rose & Gifts

Lil Baby Jayda Cheaves
Lil Baby, Jayda Cheaves

Jayda Chaeaves has seemingly confirmed she and Lil Baby are back together as she enjoys a pre-Valentine’s whirlwind romance.

The Instagram model/entrepreneur caught social media detectives’ attention on Tuesday when she shared photos of her early Valentine’s date with a mystery man who spoiled her with roses and gifts. Interestingly, social media users are now adamant that the 24-year-old has rekindled her relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend and father of her son, rapper Lil Baby.

Jayda Cheaves had shared some personal and intimate videos and photos of her being spoiled by a “mystery man,” who gifted her a heavily decorated and romance-filled hotel suite. The room was filled with rose petals and heart-shaped balloons from floor to ceiling, and while Jayda made it a duty to give fans a close look at the design, she was careful not to show the bestower.

In another photo posted on Tuesday, Jayda had her legs wrapped around a man, still keeping his face hidden. But according to social media investigators, the young mogul did not do such a good job hiding the man as they have pieced clues together, leading to the conclusion that the man in the photo is allegedly Lil Baby. Fans were quick to point out that the rings on the mystery man’s fingers were similar to Lil Baby’s ice, and they proceeded to comment on what they believe is a rekindled relationship.

Jayda Cheaves
Jayda Cheaves

“Lil Baby a** going to always make it harder for the next when it comes to jayda!!! he be coming with some next level sh*t,” one person complimented, while another countered, “I’m sorry but Jayda taking back Lil Baby each & every time is sad. It sucks that, that kind of relationship is idolized & wanted.”

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby’s relationship is popular for being toxic. Back in February last year, the two called it quits but got back together in May. Months later, the couple again confirmed their split. Jayda had subsequently told her followers on an Instagram Live in December that “Time tells everything. Some people just outgrow each other. It’s life.”

Lil Baby and Jayda’s relationship has always been one under the watchful eyes of the public as the rapper is known to spoil his lady. A Rolls Royce is one of many items Lil Baby gifted to Cheaves in their relationship. But, Jayda may not be the only woman who had been spoiled by the rapper, as in November last year, Lil Baby allegedly spent $100,000 on Saweetie on a shopping spree in Chanel. Jayda had later revealed that she knew about the link-up between the two, but both artiste had denied that a relationship was brewing between them.

Jayda Cheaves had also indicated that there was hope for a rekindling of her relationship with Lil Baby but noted that it would not be any time soon.

She is yet to confirm that Lil Baby was the mystery man in her latest posts.