Popcaan Diss Unruly Cuz, Petro On Stage In The Gambia, BadCuz & Petro Respond


Popcaan wasted no time dissing his former Unruly members, Unruly Cuz and Petro, at his sold out show in The Gambia.

Over the weekend, the Unruly Boss lived up to his name with a stellar performance in the African country of Gambia. He thrilled Gambian nationals who crammed into the sold-out Bakau Independence Stadium in Banjul on Saturday night with hits after hits. It was during the performance of his 2018 single “Inviolable” that he decided to remix the lyrics to address his beef with Unruly Cuz, who now goes by BadCuz, and Petro.

“Petro and Cuz s**k your mada still,” Poppy sang in front of the masses, replacing the line “Petro and Cuz gwan check off a mil’…(US that!).”

2021 saw a major rift in the Unruly Camp. Unconfirmed reports are that in July of last year, Popcaan and his cousin [Unruly Cuz] got into a physical altercation in their hometown parish of St. Thomas. It is rumored that the Unruly Boss was hit in the face during the fight. However, those claims were denied by Popcaan. The exact beef between Popcaan and Petro is unclear, but his pairing with Cuz on Poppy’s unofficial “Inviolable” refix hints at a connection with the initial falling out in July.

Neither Unruly Cuz nor Petro took Popcaan’s word lightly as they lashed out at the deejay on Instagram.

“Suh far u gone wid man pon yo mind? U a muss fish,” Petro wrote with a flurry of laughing emojis. He continued his slander with some choice words for the dejay. “Attention poppyshow a look (clown emoji) #SkBakUMumma big psy,” he wrote.

On Sunday, Unruly Cuz let off his own shots on social media. He labeled Popcaan as a jealous and envious person while hinting that Popcaan has never actually given them a million dollars.

“Pu$$i a dat u say guh sk out back yu mada, baybwoy,” he wrote. “An moreover u neva gi we a mil yet suh stop tell lie inna song.”

“Sk psy Popcaan an stop falla mi up badmind bwoy,” he said.

Quada, another Unruly member, announced his exit from the Unruly camp in 2021. He is now heading his own musical outfit called Wellbad Entertainment. Meanwhile, Versi, formerly Versatile, seemingly ignited a response from Popcaan some days ago when he claimed his involvement in forming the Unruly brand.

The “Silence” singer shot back with comments urging Versi to strive to produce hit records and create his own label before telling the Portland native, “Bwoy guh s**k out yuh muma!”

Versi made the disrespect the central theme and a part of the title of the diss track that arrived days later. The fiery diss track is still awaiting a response from Popcaan, who has been spending much of his time in Africa.

It’s unclear if the Unruly leader is planning to recruit more members to his Unruly outfit to fill the void left by the former members. Poppy may not be on the market for new talent, but he is still able to spot a star in the making. He recently gave dancehall newcomer Jashii his glory. After resharing a video of Jashii vibing to his own track, he wrote, “Unruly endorse him to the fullest @Jashiimusic nawmal [Star].”

Popcaan doubled down on the love and respect in another post to his IG Story. While sharing an aerial shot of the hundreds in attendance at his show over the weekend, he encouraged Jashii to stay focused while reassuring him that he has just what it takes to fill and thrill a stadium of loyal fans.