TROUBLE! Popcaan Responds To Rumored Fight With Unruly Cuz: “Tump who ina face?”

Popcaan shot down rumors that he was punched in his face by his cousin, Unruly Cuz, during a river fight.

Popcaan, who only just came off of his social media hiatus a couple of days ago, took to Twitter to deny that any physical altercation of that nature happened between him and Unruly Cuz, who is a member of the Unruly Camp.

He saw it fit to address the rumors after reports began circulating that he had been punched in the face following an incident at Running River in Sunning Hill, St Thomas, last Sunday, July 11. The part of the river in question is where Popcaan often hangs out and posts to social media. It’s been dubbed the Unruly River.

It’s believed to be the same stretch of river that has Popcaan in trouble with the law. According to reports, it’s where St. Thomas police believe that Popcaan was hosting river parties during Jamaica’s lockdown because of the pandemic.

The Head of the St Thomas police, Superintendent Allison Byfield, told the STAR in an interview that, “What I know is that we have been getting reports of river parties being held in the Sunning Hill area. Whenever the police visit the area, persons scatter and they run in bushes. We hear that the parties being held are by a gentleman by the name of Popcaan, same Andre Sutherland.”

According to some Vloggers, who claimed they heard from sources, the heated exchange happened just after Popcaan pulled up at the river. They also alleged that Unruly Cuz threw the first punch before Popcaan’s entourage eventually got involved and squashed the fight.

Well, it seems it was all fabricated as, according to Popcaan, no one would be able to survive an encounter in which he was hit in the face.

“Tump who ina face?? A nobody nuh dead?” he posted along with a huge photo of a laughing emoji to emphasize his point.

It’s long been believed, however, that the two are not seeing eye to eye following an incident in which Unruly Cuz is believed to have crashed a borrowed vehicle. The two seemingly began having problems when the cost of repair came up.