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NBA YoungBoy’s Attorney Accused Police Of Misusing Search Warrant Used In Arrest


NBA YoungBoy’s legal team is going after the search warrant police used in his arrest last year.

It may be a long time before NBA YoungBoy is released from his restrictive house arrest conditions in Layton, Utah, but his legal team is working on a new angle to get some of that time reduced. According to reports, his team is in the process of convincing a judge that the search warrant used for his arrest in Los Angeles was a “blank check.”

According to them, this means that the search during their pursuit of charging him in his March 2021 felony firearms case was faulty and therefore needs to be given a more in-depth assessment.

NBA YoungBoy’s attorneys have further argued that police went to extraordinary means to acquire hours of personal footage found on cameras. Some of which came from the seized Macbook laptop of YoungBoy’s personal photographer Marvin Ramsey. It was this evidence that led to his eventual arrest as they were able to connect YB to a pair of weapons and arrest him in September 2020.

The filing which was obtained by Rolling Stone states, “Officers used this vague warrant as a blank check that they clearly did not believe limited their discretion in any way to search what they wanted, when they wanted.”

Another part reads, “If the judge had meant to authorize a search of the items after they were seized, she would not have ordered the items to be held pending further orders.”

His legal team is now awaiting word from a Louisiana federal judge who is expected to make a ruling on the new claims. Until then, he will remain in Utah on house arrest for the rest of his case.

In the meantime, being under house arrest has done little to slow his career down as NBA YoungBoy is still putting out new music. Just earlier this week, he and DaBaby got together for a collab called “Bestie/Hit.” He’ll also be releasing his Colors mixtape this Friday, January 14.