Beenie Man Shares Evidence Of Negative Covid, Gets Nicki Minaj & Bounty Killer Support

Beenie Man gets support from his celebrity friends including Nicki Minaj, Bounty Killer, Popcaan and more after sharing evidence he was tested negative for Covid.

Beenie Man has taken the claims that he tested positive for Covid-19 and was detained in Ghana seriously and is now proving proof that he has never tested positive for the virus.

The singer took to Instagram on Tuesday, where he released a statement regarding the situation as well as providing his test results to dispel previous unsubstantiated claims that he was detained for flouting COVID-19 quarantine protocols after testing positive for the virus upon arrival at the Kotoka International Airport on December 19.

Ghana news media have claimed that the dancehall artist was sent into mandatory quarantine at the AH Hotel in East Legon by health officials but the artiste left the premises to perform at the Bhim Concert on December 21.

On Monday, Beenie Man denied the reports that he was detained or that he had Covid. In several tweets, he joked about being unaware of the activities of his own life.

On his Instagram account, he officially addressed the issue as he shared receipts of his health status.

“This was funny when it just started because it was unbelievable. But now it’s becoming serious. The people who are spreading these lies, stop. Mi no joke wid coronavirus because it stop mi work. It stop bread fimmi family. How me fi inna Ghana and run from Ghanaian Authorities? Stop it mon,” he captioned a picture of his statement.

In the statement, Beenie Man spoke about the seriousness of the allegations.

“As a carrier of sickle cell disease, I understand the importance of protocols set out to help stop the spread of the virus. I know the importance of protecting myself, my family, my team and the people I interact with.”

The statement went on to say that before he was allowed to enter Ghana, he had to do a covid-19 test at the Heathrow Airport in London, and he had tested negative. After he arrived in Ghana less than 24-hours later, he was subjected to another test, the entertainer said.

He added that that test was negative, and three days after, he again did a PCR test which was to complete his travel requirements as he prepared to leave Ghana. “I have crossed two international borders where I was tested, all were negative,” the singer claims.

He added that he was not detained at any point.

“I was welcomed in Ghana. I performed at the biggest corporate Event with Government Officials; I was on live TV, staying in one of the most prominent hotels in the city. If the Ghanaian National Security wanted to arrest me, the army would have picked me up. This spread of false news by the media is here to create confusion,” Beenie Man said before ending his statement and urging everyone to follow the protocols to stop the spread of the virus.

Beenie Man was due to perform in Nigeria on Dec 26. It’s unclear if he made it to those shows.

Meanwhile, Beenie Man received support from many fellow artists, including Bounty Killer and Nicki Minaj.

“Dem tell one bag a lie,” Bounty Killer said while Nicki Minaj said, “dem too bad mind. Leave him ALONE!!!!!! Cho.”

Popcaan also commented “Yyyyyyyyy,” while Sanchez also encouraged the commenters “don’t follow rumours,” as he suggested Admiral Tibet’s song.