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RT Boss Took A Jab At Spice While Touting Nicki Minaj Endorsement

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RT Boss took a jab at Spice while reveling in an acknowledgement from Nicki Minaj.

It does not look like RT Boss, and Spice will be friends again any time soon. Indeed the renowned ‘reader man’ and the Queen of Dancehall have been trading insults for a while now, and it appears that a new celebrity has been added to the mix. This has stirred the pot, causing Spice to allegedly disrespect RT and ignore him in what many of his supporters feel have been his efforts to promote and advance her career over the years.

The latest saga surrounds Nicki Nicki’s endorsement of RT’s ‘reading’ skills as she popped up in the comment section on a Live reading session that the self-proclaimed psychic was doing for comedian and social media star World Dawg. With over 50,000 persons listening in on the Live, including Nicki Minaj, who enjoyed the rapport, she surprisingly joined the session and then offered to do her reading.

“You want me read you?” the “Super Bass” singer asked RT, and she then proceeded to tell him that she saw him traveling in 2022, but he should avoid doing all of that before March.

The endorsement from the Queen of Rap, many now feel, has ruffled the feathers of Spice, who they said hit back with a Live video of her and Wally British backstage at a concert making merry while hugging as they both sang Vegas’ “I am Blessed.”

Spice then posted on Instagram shortly after, “One thing I’m always gonna do is show love to people who show love to me @Wallybritish mi love you mumma. Hope you party sell off in January. Thanks for all that you have done to support my career and dancehall in general. Big up yuhself!”

It was this statement that has now been interpreted as Spice allegedly throwing shade at RT by ignoring all that he has done for her over the year while giving the credit to others, just to make him feel insignificant. According to some Vloggers, by endorsing Wally British’s upcoming party and thanking her for supporting all her efforts using the hashtag #WomenPower, Spice was denying RT Boss the one thing that many have been saying that he still wants from his one-time friend – the recognition that it was he who was instrumental in taking her career to a bigger internationally and that she would not have been as successful without him.

Others have claimed noted that Nicki Minaj’s pop-up yesterday was no innocent or random action on the part of the “Anaconda” rapper as many subscribe to the notion that her endorsement of RT’s skills was a direct jab at Spice for performing at her arch rival’s Cardi B’s birthday party recently.

All of it, however, is merely social media speculation as to the presumed shade that Spice threw at RT can be seen as some serious ‘reaching’ as nothing in neither the video with Wally British or her Instagram post thanking her had a shred of anything pertaining to RT or his readings. While Spice is known to be hot-tempered and quick to clap back whenever she feels picked on, or her name is unfairly being called, this time around, the Queen might have just sat in her throne, unbothered.