Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal Spits Fire On “Dat’s Gadzilla” Off ‘KOK’ Album

Dats Gadzilla
Bounty Killer / IG

Only Bounty Killer could get Vybz Kartel and Busy Signal to spit fire on the same beat.

The dancehall legend, whose real name is Rodney Price, is keeping the spirits of his fans at peak level with the release of a brand new collaborative track from his upcoming album King of Kingston. Bounty Killer calls on two of his most successful and prolific proteges from his Alliance camp to assist with the demolition of the track.

Dat’s Gadzilla,” as the track is titled, is something of a mixture of a biography and an autobiography as the entertainers, including Bounty Killer, speak on the work and impact he has had over the years. It’s definitely not hard to see just why the deejay considers himself as the Godzilla, a play on words of the fictional Japanese fictional character that dominated 1950’s cinema and continues to do so with multiple sequels in recent years.

Presumably, the most fitting commonality is the number of movies the first installment of Godzilla has spawned. In the same light, the Jamaican-born deejay Bounty Killer has helped pave the way for several entertainers such as Wayne Marshall, Vybz Kartel, Bling Dawg, Busy Signal, Mavado, Spice, among a host of others.

Vybz Kartel Wayne Marshall Bounty Killer
Vybz Kartel, Wayne Marshall, Bounty Killer

The riveting dancehall track laid down by Tall King Productions begs for a lyrical onslaught, and all three men deliver without hesitation. The intro features DJ cuts of incarcerated Gaza boss Vybz Kartel echoing Bounty Killer’s name. The Warlord delivers a telling line to show where he thinks he stands in Jamaica’s dancehall infrastructure.

“Can’t spell the business without ‘I’,” he deejays.

Vybz Kartel then comes through with an entire verse paying homage to Bounty Killer for all the opportunities he passed to him during the early stages of his career.

“Bounty Killer make me rich, Him a the plug me coulda never be the switch / Daddy make me travel pon the Brooklyn Bridge,” he deejays while defending Killer’s legacy.

“Any boy diss the Zilla we a crucify…p**sy know wa you say about Mr. Price,” he adds.

Busy Signal then closes out the feature with a memorable last leg, in which he uses both speed and accuracy to share his respect for his general as he reiterates that he will stand with Killer no matter the cost.

The demand for Bounty’s most recent album in close to 2 decades has escalated as fans have been awaiting the project for over two years since its announcement. As it was promised this December, which is quickly coming to an end, fans have been hitting the refresh button on his page for word of the official drop.