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Charlamagne Tha God Defends Nicki Minaj Against Joy Reid’s Attacks

Charlamagne Tha God went in full Nicki Minaj defense mode amid her spat with Joy Reid.

The Breakfast Club might not be the biggest fans of Nicki Minaj, but it seems now they are taking Nicki Minaj’s side as Twitter goes alight following Minaj’s tweets that she’s unvaccinated and has vaccination hesitancy.

On Tuesday, Charlamagne Tha God jumped in on the back and forth with Joy Reid and Nicki and noted that Reid “missed a real moment to teach” when she launched into attack mode at Nicki.

Minaj had earlier tweeted an explanation for her absence from the Met Gala, noting that they required attendees to be vaccinated but that she wasn’t and that she wanted to do more research before deciding to get it.

She also disclosed that she had also contracted the virus but was going to take the vaccine so she can get on the road for her tours. One of her tweets also shared second claims that the vaccine causes men to become impotent, which set off many people on social media, including Reid.

In a televised interview, Reid blasted Minaj for not using her large platform to encourage persons to get the vaccine. However, Nicki and the Barbz had receipts as Minaj came back and called out Reid for being a hypocrite who also previously shared conspiracy theories about the virus.

While many have taken sides and some have agreed that both Minaj and Reid were wrong in their approaches, Charlamagne Tha God said Reid failed to use her approach as a tool to teach instead of condemning.

“I respect Joy-Ann Reid. She’s the homie but she missed a real moment to teach yesterday because Nicki never said ‘don’t take the vaccine’ but she also, in the very next tweet, said she will probably get vaccinated to go on tour. Joy could’ve used that moment on her show to correct Nicki on whatever misinformation she put out. She could’ve said, ‘Nicki Minaj is encouraging people to do their research about the vaccine,” Charlamagne said.

He continued that it was obvious the rapper had questions as she even put up a poll asking people which vaccines they took.

“Nicki said Drake is vaccinated and she’s going to get vaccinated to go on tour. So if Drake’s vaccinated, and Nicki wants to get vaccinated, why aren’t you? That’s what Joy could’ve done,” he continued.

Meanwhile, among those reacting to Minaj’s comments are the international media and even the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

On the other hand, Nicki Minaj had time as she responded to those who tried to drag her, including a voice note message to the British PM who she told she wanted to send her work so he could become familiar with her.