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Nicki Minaj Is The First & Only “Queen Of Rap” Says Young Money

Is Nicki Minaj the first and only Queen of Rap?

Young Money raised their voice in the debate about who wears the crown and carries the title of “Queen of Rap,” They are sticking beside Nicki Minaj 100 percent. The label owned by Lil Wayne made the statement on Twitter on Tuesday (September 7) to share their perspective, declaring Nicki the one and only Rap Queen. While they did not use the rapper’s impressive chartings and fiery bars as proof, the Lil Wayne founded Young Money explained that Nicki Minaj was the reason the term “Queen of Rap” was coined, and as such, this automatically places her in the position for the crown.

The label wrote on its official Twitter account, “The title of “Queen of Rap” didn’t even exist until @NICKIMINAJ did the tingz that she did. And the Queen ain’t done yet. Get on ya knees.”

The Queen of Rap debate has been a long and ongoing one, with names such as Lil Kim, Cardi B, and even Erica Banks on the list of who deserves the title.

While Young Money is adamant about who the Queen is, the Hip Hop community is still tentative with its decision. Some even find the record label’s tweet offensive to successful rappers who came before Nicki.

One user responded to Young Money’s tweet, “I love Nicki but this is such an insult to the Missy Elliots, the Eves, the Lauryn Hills, the MC Lytes, the Da Brats, the Queen Latifahs, and the lil kims, who at one point or the other have been the Queens of Rap in the last couple of decades.”

Another user argued, “No but literally nobody was labeled as the “Queen of Rap” until others began giving Nicki that tootle now everybody faves “THe QUeeN of raP.”

The debate does not seem to be ending any time soon, but some social media users are not surprised Young Money would declare their artiste the Queen of Rap.

Young Money and Nicki has a long history as the rapper was signed to the record label back in 2009. Nicki Minaj had already been making huge strides by then, but her new company certainly gave her a push in the right direction.

While the 38-year-old rapper is still a part of Young Money Entertainment, sometime last year, she stated that she owns her masters directly.

Either way, the “Chun Li” rapper continues to make hits and has been propelled to high ground that has her name continually wrapped in Rap Queen debates.