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Vybz Kartel Supports Maroon Chief Richard Currie After Tense Police Standoff

Vybz Kartel stands in solidarity with the Maroon Chief following his tense standoff with members of the police force.

Chief Richard Currie-formally known as Chief Currie, describes himself as a “humble country man” in a new video that has been circulating on social media. Yesterday (August 12th), the Accompong Maroons had an altercation with the police, during which the Maroon Chief was seen asking the officers to depart from the land.

In the video, the police officers appeared to comply. Following the incident, the FLA (Firearm Licensing Authority) stated that they would be launching an investigation on Chief Currie because of the shotgun seen strapped to his back in the video clip.

After the investigation, records proved that the elected leader was actually licensed to carry the firearm, but it is only intended for bird shooting. The FLA subsequently took issue with the Chief displaying it so freely during his altercation with the police.

On this same note, Horace Chang, Minister of National Security, made a statement commending the police officers for their actions. The statement also highlighted that, as far as he’s concerned, “there is no such thing as Maroon lands.”

In 1838 a treaty with the British government was established, which gives the Maroons sovereignty over their lands. This treaty has never been abolished, and the Maroons believe it is still in effect.

Of course, the statements have offended the Maroon Chief, which resulted in him releasing a video addressing Horace Chang and the FLA. He boldly stated that he doesn’t need anybody’s permission to defend his land and his Maroons.

“This land of my people is ours and ours alone,” Currie expressed. “Our ancestors fought bitterly from the time of the Spanish up until 1738 to defend this land and we will never stop defending it.”

“I must inform the entire Jamaican public that I do not seek permission to defend my people. It is my duty to defend my people, and it should be the duty of any leader to do the same. It is my fiduciary duty and there is no power on Earth – temporal or spiritual – that can separate me from my duty and my undying love for my people,” he added.

He also expressed how ready he is to fight if the time comes and how independently he and his people have been living all this time.

Vybz Kartel, along with a majority of the Jamaican population, shares the Maroons’ sentiments and fully supports the Maroons retaining and defending their lands.

Vybz Kartel took to his Instagram page reposting Chief Currie’s video and captioned the post, “@chiefrichardcurrie SPEAKS #Maroon #Sovereign #jamaica.”

He then shared an image of his great grandfather and his grandmother with the caption, “Former Maroon Chief Colonel Sydney Peddie is my Great Grandfather (my Granny’s Dad) so doh feel me a look hype. BigUp the new Chief @chiefrichardcurrie) And The Entire Accompong Town”.

After seeing the picture, many fans were shocked to hear the new information but still- the post garnered great support from his fans and Popcaan, who expressed that they knew his renowned intellect was birthed from a significant background.

Chief Currie responded to Kartel’s post, commenting, “Maroons always carry their ancestral receipts #SoundDiAbeng @vybzkartel #Maroon #Arawak #Kindah #oneblood,” to which Kartel noted, “Yes His Excellency @chiefrichardcurrie.”

Chief Currie then made a statement that fans are now running wild with, “@vybzkartel Accompong to GAZA.”

The King of Dancehall has been very vocal about any issue regarding the government. He has continued to be a voice for the people of Jamaica. He uses many of his songs to fight against the oppression of the government, and those exact lyrics are the ones that many fans have been posting across social media to show support to the Maroons and to portray their frustrations on the situation along with their beliefs that although free, we are still slaves.