Dovey Magnum Denies Shading Spice Over ‘Racial Profiling’ Video

“Racial profiling is real,” said Spice as she shared a clip of herself and her son being pulled over by “police” officers.

This is the caption of a video posted by Spice on Thursday (August 5) that has been causing a stir, perhaps even with fellow dancehall star Dovey Magnum. Spice, whose debut album, 10, was released on Friday, posted a clip on Instagram showing her being pulled over by “police” officers for speeding.

Spice can be heard in the video arguing that she was not driving fast, just before she takes on a female officer for putting a hand on her son Nicholas.

“Hello, weh she a do? Lady lady hello … he’s 14! Hold on hold on, weh you a do?” Spice yelled in the video.

The clip appears to be from Spice’s new album since she often tackles social issues in her music similar to “Black Hypocrisy.” Dovey Magnum, who has been beefing with Spice for some time, took to Twitter writing, “I 888888 9 and 10 publicity stunts!!! Sas christ!!!!!”

While the “Bawl Out” singer did not call names, social media users concluded that she was shading Spice for the video and proceeded to lash her.

“Girl leave Spice alon[e] and focus on your music,” one person said, while another added, “It’s called promotion, like it or hate it it’s gonna sell maybe you need to try it sometimes.”

With the tweet making rounds on social media and the mass criticisms Dovey has been receiving, the singer clarified, “Ppl are sick and stink in they brains !! Is like you can’t have an honest opinion & you not troubling someone.”

According to Dovey, she has been speaking on that particular topic for the past week on her Instagram Live.

In another Tweet, she responded to accusations from social media users that she is just a ‘hater.’ “No hate! No bitterness towards no one! I address it then move tf on! And I never wish bad on nooooo ONE.”

With fans still convinced her tweet was aimed at the Queen of Dancehall, Dovey took to Instagram to explain in a video.

“I’m entitled to my own opinion without people thinking that I’m f***ing with somebody or I’m troubling somebody because I don’t need to trouble anyone,” she said.

“If you guys know Dovey Magnum or know the way that I pattern my thing if I have a problem with someone, it don’t matter who it is……mi say weh mi have fi say and mi get it out di way. I don’t walk an pick pon people mi walk pick trouble. So I do not want motherf***ers to see me posting my stuff and make a post and then coming underneath there being negative- tagging this artiste, tagging this person talking about I’m troubling them.”

After reiterating that her words were not directed to anyone specifically, Dovey Magnum explained that she is often not the instigator.

“Because I’m the loud one, I always become the bad guy, which is okay,” she said.

She maintained that it is social media users who are directing her words and causing animosity.

“I don’t wish any bad for none weh mi basically did have a riff raff with within the past… and I really want you guys to know this. I don’t have no bad blood inside of me I don’t have no bad feelings towards anyone. I wish them all the best all the time…even if mi an dem ano fren n mi an dem nuh click mi always say yeah ‘dat nice fi dah person deh, congrats.”

Dovey Magnum further addressed fans who brought up her recent immigration issues, citing that they did not know the true story and that many had never been on a plane before. Dovey also launched a verbal assault on Americans, calling them hungry and homeless. This was to drive home her point that fans should stop worrying about her.

“I’m a boss. I’m a goat,” she added before making the sound a goat makes.

“Put some respect on my name. I don’t even want any flowers because flowers are for dead people.”

Fans are not buying her explanation and are continuing to drag her.

Spice hinted that the controversial clip is from a single on her 15-track album titled “Po-Po,” inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The move is a similar marketing style Spice used in 2018 with her hit single “Black Hypocrisy.” The “Go Down Deh” singer removed all her Instagram posts and replaced them with a series of photos of her rocking a lighter skin tone, leaving fans to theorize that she had ‘bleached’ her skin.

Perhaps the deejay is aiming to make the same impact with this upcoming tune. In a few hours, we will be able to ascertain.