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6ix9ine Address Sara Molina Claims He’s A Deadbeat Dad In Wack 100 Interview

Tekashi 6ix9ine is refuting claims that he is a deadbeat dad to his 5-year-old daughter, Saraiyah Hernandez.

Last year, the rapper’s baby mother Sara Molina disclosed that while 6ix9ine is out of prison and seemingly living a good life, he had made no effort to reconnect with his daughter. She told the public that Tekashi69 had not been providing for the little girl but said she was grateful that the rapper’s mother was actively playing a role in little Saraiyah’s life.

Tekashi had refuted the claims back then, and the saga seemed to have died down until a few weeks ago when Blueface brought it back to life. Blueface was trending for a tattoo of his jeweler’s brand that he plastered on his head, and 6ix9ine did not miss the opportunity to troll him, claiming the rapper was forced to do it because he owes them money.

While the jeweler simply refuted the claim, Blueface took another road and called out the rapper for pretending like he is rich when his father is homeless, and he is not providing for his child. Blueface pinned a video of Sara saying she was embarrassed to go to court to get Tekashi to support his daughter financially.

“He don’t got it fr,” Blueface said at the time.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, in a recent interview with Wack100 and DJ Akademiks, is again addressing the claims, reiterating that he provides for his daughter.

“My mom sees my daughter every week and she gets chaperoned,” he said. “Look, my mom was with her. This was taken today,” he proved, apparently showing the host a picture of the baby.

When asked if he supports the child financially, he responded, pointing at the phone, “I bought her all of this, all my money, I bought her all of this. Everywhere she goes that’s me.”

The rapper also responded to questions surrounding his child’s safety should she stay with him, claiming he will be a father on his own terms.

“My daughter is my creation, I created her. I deserve to have my daughter whenever I wanna have her,” he said. “Y’all want me to be a father or not! Cause now I’m not gonna be a father on y’all terms.”

He also admitted that he does not speak to Molina or give her money.

When asked about his other child, Briella Iris Hernandez, with Marlayna M., the rapper admitted that he never got involved with her because he’s not sure he’s the father.

“No, its not my child….I don’t know if it’s my child. The crackhead, my biological father took a DNA test but they paid him some money to take that DNA test……they say yo it’s a hundred per cent,” he explained. “I slept with that girl one time.”

When asked how many times it would take to get her pregnant, 6ix9ine said it would take a couple times for him, exclaiming that he is different.

Marlayna announced to the public in 2019 that her child belongs to Tekashi. She further slammed the rapper for his lack of presence in the baby’s life. Saraiyah was born in October 2015, and Briella was born in November 2018.