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Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion ‘WAP’ Performance Sign Language Interpreter Goes Viral

An ASL interpreter for Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” performance at the recent Lollapalooza festival held in Chicago has gone viral for her raunchy interpretation of the song.

A 20-second clip of the performance by the woman who goes by the name @kelly4access on Instagram shows her performing the explicit version of the song while Megan Thee Stallion can be seen in the background.

Part of Kelly’s ASL performance videoed by a TikTok fan saw the video going viral immediately as she performed elaborate moves while Cardi B‘s verse which says “he got a beard and I’m tryna ride it, I wana gag, I wana choke and I want you to park that big mack truck in this little garage,” as she imitates giving oral sex.

Social media users were fascinated as they shared the clip online, with many expressing their shock at the raunchy interpretation. However, Kelly posted online that she has been working with a number of ASL content creators to create access to social media content for deaf persons.

“If you’re new to this page you’ll quickly see this is a space meant to amplify the work of deaf creators and to provide access to social media content for the deaf community. I am a hearing interpreter…if you’re still wondering why deaf and hard of hearing people go to concerts follow these pages and learn something new. Seeing an interpreter at a concern shouldn’t be shocking. Seeing a deaf interpreter on tour with every artist should be the norm!” she said via social media post to her 54K following on Instagram.

Meanwhile, social media users were all for the interpretation. “I’m sure the hearing impaired appreciate getting the explicit version,” one user commented on the video.

“I was JUST telling my husband that. I said ‘I think hearing impaired people should be able to understand the lyrics’ I mean if they can feel the beat, why not think of the song?” another posted.

One hearing interpreter, however, shared why ASL is important for hearing impaired folks. “Many deaf folks have residual hearing, and the experience of music is a lot more than what your ears take in. A concert can be a full-body experience for some.”