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50 Cent Takes A Dig At Jeezy Wants Him Off ‘BMF’ Soundtrack

50 Cent has no interest in squashing his beef with Jeezy even though the Atlanta rapper is featured on BMF soundtrack.

There’s no doubt that New York rapper, 50 Cent, has proven his mettle as a television executive producer. The outspoken artist has used his street savvy and business acumen to create some lucrative deals for himself that will span the next few years and ensure that he rakes in the paper.

One of those projects that he’s made known is very close to his heart is the Starz produced, The Black Mafia Family, which is now better known by its acronym BMF. The show is finished and is expected to air on September 26. This comes on the heels of the premiere of Power Book III: Raising Kanan earlier this month.

The rapper used his favorite social media platform, Instagram, to connect with fans, even suggesting that BMF would be better than Power which, of course, is saying a lot. Alongside a poster for BMF, he said, “oh it’s lit for real BMF you know this is going to be crazy. Bigger than POWER !”

In another post, he put up a trailer for the show. He posted, “the real sh*t just hit different, @lilmeechbmf Green Light Gang.”

In the fifteen-second teaser, fans get to catch a glimpse of what the show will look like including Lil Meech and others. He’s taking the project very seriously and earlier this week even promised a full soundtrack including 42 Dugg and Jeezy.

Jeezy, of course, has strong ties to the BMF as he was one of several artists who benefited from Soundsmith Productions. The BMF, which has a long history of drug dealing spanning about 15 years, jumped into the rap game in the 2000s.

Through Demetrius Flenory, BMF Entertainment was created as a front organization to launder money from cocaine sales. The company also served as a promoter for several high-profile hip-hop artists, including Fabolous. Their involvement in the rap genre is what propelled their lavish lifestyles to the forefront.

So it made perfect sense that he would be a part of the production, but it wouldn’t be 50 if there wasn’t some back and forth as well.

After calling him out and inviting him to be a part of the soundtrack, 50 Cent also recently teased that he would take Jeezy off the track and use Jugg’s vocals alone. He took a poke at Jeezy during an interview at This Is 50. He jokingly added that fans could already expect music from 42 Dugg and Jeezy, but if he follows his mind, the song would only be from Dugg.

“I got another record coming off of the BMF soundtrack. BMF will have a whole musical soundtrack,” he shared.

“There’s so many people connected– that story is connected culturally, BMF, so you’ll see more involvement from artists. I got 42 Dugg, he already sent something, him and Jeezy. I like it with [only] 42 Dugg though. You don’t really need Jeezy, you just need 42 Dugg. I’m just trying to convince him to take that n***a off the record. His sh#t is hard. The other sh#t, we can do without that sh#t,” he said in his typical trolling style.

While that was intended as a joke, fans also know that the two haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye. Fifty known for dragging anyone he thinks deserves it recently turned his eye on Jeezy, who he accused of being a clout chaser, and before that, he accused him of trying to avoid the BMF.