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50 Cent Calls DaBaby “A Problem” At ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ Premiere

50 Cent roll at the Power Book III: Raising Kanan premiere with DaBaby who he calls a problem.

Veteran rapper 50 Cent is staying true to his word that he intends to pass on the lessons he’s learned in the game to this generation’s star DaBaby. The two were spotted last night, July 15, at the premiere party of Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Not only were they spotted talking, but 50 took the time to let his followers know that he believes DaBaby is the real deal and will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Hip-Hop fans know that DaBaby is poised to become one of the most dominant in the genre. He’s been raising even more eyebrows since his largely successful crossover into the pop world. His tracks also consistently make the Billboard charts. He was given a big endorsement from 50 as he shared a photo and let his followers know that this is the one to watch.

“Raising kanan premier was so lit last night. everybody came through,” he started, before adding, “@dababy is a problem,i gotta keep him from killing you n***as. I don’t know why it’s funny, but he real wit da sh*t.”

As with many rap stars, DaBaby is no stranger to the law. He’s been involved in a lot of cases, mostly involving different shooting incidents. The one that stands out for fans was when he shot a man in Walmart. That was attributed to self-defense. He seems to be a no-nonsense type of guy.

Just a few days ago, he had to defend himself from backlash after he was seen refusing to pay $200 for candy being sold by some teens. “I ain’t cuss ’em out. I gave them knowledge and bought one piece of candy from each of them and closed the door,” he said.

As expected, The Raising Kanan premiere brought out a host of rap stars, including NLE Choppa, Joey Bada$$, and more.