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Blueface Slams 6ix9ine As A Deadbeat Father Who Refuse To Help His Homeless Dad

Blueface hit back at 6ix9ine calling him a deadbeat dad who refuses to help his own father who is homeless.

The two rappers came at a head-on Thursday after Blueface debut his newest tattoo scrawled across the side of his scalp, which is the name of celebrity jeweler NYC Luxury. As the video went viral on social media, many clowned the rapper for the tattoo, including 6ix9ine, who commented under a video of the tattoo posted by DJ Akademiks.

According to 6ix9ine, Blueface got the tattoo because he couldn’t pay for his jewelry.

“He definitely owed them money for unpaid jewelry,” he said with laughing emojis.

Blueface responded by hitting 6ix9ine where it hurts the most, as he bashed the rapper as the one who is actually broke since his family is financially struggling with no financial support from him.

“Stop talking like you getting money bro you clearly don’t got it,” Blueface tagged a video of 6ix9ine’s father, who was speaking about himself being homeless and the fact that his estranged son has refused to assist or acknowledge him.

Blueface also shared another video of 6ix9ine’s baby mother, Sara Molina, saying that she is embarrassed that she had to go to court to get the rapper to support his daughter financially. She added that 6ix9ine had not assisted his kids in any way, even though he seems to be living well.

“He don’t got it fr,” Blueface said.

Blueface also shared another video of a jeweler asking 6ix9ine to pay the $25k he owes him for a bracelet which he has refused to pay. According to the rapper, when it comes to jewelry, it’s actually 6ix9ine who is broke.

“kids hungry daddy hungry but you claim [cap] to walk around with “so much money” [cap] that’s a damn shame,” Blueface said as he tagged longtime supporter of 6ix9ine.

It seems that 6ix9ine has it out for Blueface along with several other rappers, especially those who have criticized him.

In 2020, Blueface in a Rap-Up interview waylaid into 6ix9ine for destroying the internet with his dramatics.

“6ix9ine fu*ed up the internet. It’s his fault,” he said. “It’s his fault all these fake motherfu*ers and everybody just talking just to get a reaction and response. Everything is a meme. It’s his fault.”

Weeks ago, 6ix9ine trolled Lil Durk following the death of his brother, who was shot and killed in Chicago.