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6ix9ine Reacts To Blueface Tattoo His Jeweler’s Name On His Head

6ix9ine theorized why Blueface gets a new head tattoo of his jeweler’s name.

Blueface has added another tattoo to his head, and fans are not really feeling it. The “Thotiana” rapper is making headlines after a video emerged on social media showing him getting his jeweler’s name inked. The finished design on the side of his shaved head, an all caps ‘NYC LUXURY’, joins a number of other logos, designs, and brands such as YSL, Mercedes-Benz, and Corvette.

In the video, which fans say is painful to watch, the rapper’s head is bent while the tattoo artist adds the crazy homage. “Shout out my ni**a Big Mike, NYC Luxury. Support Black businesses, man,” Blueface bellowed. “For the culture. Ooh. That kind of hurts.”

The video, which was posted by Akademiks and The Shade Room on Thursday (July 8), has fans wondering about the mental health of the 24-year-old rap star.

“Are you okay?” one person simply asked, while another questioned, “He on drugs or something?” One user compared his head to a billboard, “Mans turned his head into a billboard sign. Advertise your upcoming album on Blueface head.”

Meanwhile, fellow rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine could not miss the opportunity to add his two cents in the comment section. The “Gooba” rapper, who has been beefing with Blueface for quite some time, commented that Blueface’s new head tattoo was to pay off a debt.

“He definitely owed them money for unpaid jewelry. NYC Luxury [laughing emojis],” he wrote.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been poking fun at Blueface in recent weeks since the “Respect My Cryppin’” rapper announced he would be joining the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship on June 26.

6ix9ine taunted that he carries $20,000 in cash with him every day, which is close to what Blueface is allegedly supposed to pay to fight.

Speaking to someone on the phone in a video, Tekashi said, “The only time people talk about Blueface is when he’s not doing music, so I don’t know what the f*ck you talking about. Like who the f*** is Blueface? Right now, I swear to my mom, I got $20,000 in my pocket I walk around with. He’s gonna pay $25,000 to fight. I walk around with the money he’s getting paid for. What the f*ck you talkin’ bout?”

While the two have been at each other’s throats for some time, Blueface has not yet responded to his comments. He is also yet to respond to the comments about his new tat that currently has him in the hot topics section on social media.