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6ix9ine Explains Why He’s Refusing To Help His Homeless Father

Tekashi 6ix9ine

6ix9ine has stepped forward to explain why he is refusing to help his father who is currently homeless.

Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s father recently made headlines when he told the media that he was homeless and his famous rap star son has not offered any help. The rainbow-haired rapper is now giving his side of the story, citing neglect as the biggest reason he is not helping his dad.

The 60-year-old man, who carries the same name as his son, Daniel Hernandez, in an interview with Page Six, disclosed that he has been living in a homeless shelter for the past two years.

“Because I don’t have an apartment, he [Tekashi] doesn’t know that I’m in the shelter. Now he’s going to know I’ve been here for, what, two years already?” he said.

6ix9ine’s father added that he received no monetary assistance from his son, from whom he has been estranged for more than a decade.

“You think he’d come hook me up with something,” he said. “He’s been giving money to other people. … He gives money to everybody. ‘Here, here, here.'”

Tekashi 6ix9ine is showing no sympathy to Hernandez, and in an interview with DJ Akademiks, he explained his reluctance to assist his dad financially. The rapper called out his father for being a “deadbeat” after he abandoned him at a young age.

“Everybody knows that my biological father abandoned me at birth,” he said. “Right now he’s in a shelter smoking crack. The story of me not giving money to a crackhead who abandoned me at birth is getting more publicity than positive things.”

The New York rapper added, “It’s like a trend to hate me.”

This is not the first public feud with Tekashi and his biological father, as the two also made headlines when Hernandez showed up at 6ix9ine’s trial in December 2019.

The “Gooba” rapper had pleaded guilty to several criminal charges, all relating to his involvement with the Trey Gangsta Bloods gang.

It would seem that Hernandez meant well for his son, as he had attempted to speak to the judge to get 69’s sentence reduced. Nevertheless, the judge denied the elder Hernandez’s request was denied ruling, “It’s way too late to show and speak on his behalf. You squandered that right many years ago.”

Tekashi himself was unconvinced by his father’s attempts. In his address to the court before he was sentenced, Tekashi said, “I took one glance — I see my biological father. I haven’t seen him since the third grade. I don’t even know if this is a fu**in’ joke, everything I go through.”

At the mention of this court incident in the interview with DJ Akademiks, Tekashi questioned his father’s intentions, “So I could be free and give him money? The narrative will always be, let’s make Tekashi 6ix9ine look like the worst human being in the world.”

According to the 25-year-old rapper, he did not meet his father until he was 9 years old. Even then, their relationship did not get a chance to flourish after Hernandez Snr. was allegedly kicked out of the house when he was caught shooting up heroin in the bathroom by Tekashi’s mother.