Sean Paul’s Wife Jodi Jinx Gets Lessons From Spice How To “Go Down Deh”

Sean Paul’s wife Jodi “Jinx” Henriques gets some tips from Spice how to “Go Down Deh.”

Spice received the collaboration of a lifetime when Shaggy and Sean Paul hopped onto her hit track “Go Down Deh.” Since then, the trio has been featured on numerous high-profile talk shows to perform the hit single. Spice has also taken the liberty of showcasing the risque moves that pair with the single. One of her most recent students was none other than Jodi ‘Jinx’ Stewart-Henriques, the wife of her collaborator Sean Paul.

The two connected on Jodi’s weekly TWOSDAY Instagram Live show, which also airs on Youtube. The virtual meetup was nothing short of fun and exciting, with Spice using the opportunity to show just how hilarious and raunchy she can be.

Jodi was never one to hide the fact she is a huge fan of the Queen of Dancehall, and the fangirl moments could not help but emerge during her recent show.

Their Instagram Live could not end without a lesson from Spice about how to do the “Go Down Deh” dance move. Jodi’s request that Spice describes the moves to her while she performs it, instead of showing her, might not have been such a bright idea, as Spice took the opportunity to traverse another naughty road. Instead of starting with the “strong knees” warning as she usually does, Spice went right into it.

“Alright so, go on your knees, open your hand like a C, make a C with one of your hand and bow your head as if you’re saying ‘yes,’” Spice instructed.

Of course, this was nothing related to the actual dance but is a clear instruction on how to ‘go down’ in the bedroom. Upon realizing what Spice was instructing her to do, both ladies burst out laughing, with Jodi exclaiming, “My mommy is standing right there!”

“I’m just kidding that was a joke, is not the real one. I never knew mommy was right there let me run away,” Spice laughed.

The artiste probably made up for the raunchy joke when she gave Jodi a real tutorial that she followed through with naturally.

“Jodi yah ginal you know exactly what to do,” Spice said as she ended the tutorial after seeing Jodi’s moves.

Jodi Jinx thanked the singer for taking the time to join her show, promising to purchase a copy of her upcoming album.

Spice’s debut studio album “TEN” will be released on July 30th.

The highly anticipated album, which has been in the making for over ten years, was preceded by “Captured,” her commercially successful debut mixtape. The 2018 mixtape debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart, but the long-awaited “TEN” is expected to make even bigger strides.