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Young Buck Claps Back At 50 Cent Over “Gay” Jab In New Diss Track

50 Cent and Young Buck beef

Young Buck has responded to 50 Cent’s trolling, the best way he knows how to with a diss track.

Earlier this week, rumors began circulating that Young Buck had apparently come out of the closet and had been embroiled in drama with his ex-girlfriend that led to certain revelations being spilled. The two former G-Unit members have a long history of beef.

The Tennesse rapper has shot back at 50 Cent with his track titled “Public Opinion.” Typical of his style, he didn’t hold back either.

In one verse, he raps: “F*** the world when these n***as talk about me, I just went and got a bad when they talked about me. I didn’t even get mad, I just let them all be/Gangsta, can’t you see that I’m a muthaf***in’ G/I’m in a place you never will see/I’ll never let these p***y n***as kill me.”

Young Buck announced the track on Instagram, “PreORDER NOW….To Hear My Story #PublicOpinion.”

The track is an obvious response to Blogger Tasha K’s insinuations in a vid blog called “Young Buck COMES OUT of The Closet.” The video was made not too long after allegations surfaced that Young Buck was in court for a case against his ex-girlfriend regarding a shooting incident.

In the video, which is just over three minutes long, she claims that the rapper’s ex-girlfriend said he’s been sleeping with gay men and trans women during their relationship. According to the ex-girlfriend in question, that’s what sparked the domestic incident in the first place.

50 Cent responded by using his favorite platform, Instagram. “SMH why he didn’t just say he was gay there is nothing wrong with it Buck. but you can’t be putting your hands on no women because she keep catching you,” he posted.

The “Can’t Lose” artist also took the opportunity to announce his upcoming EP, titled 40 Days and 40 Nights which is expected to drop July 2nd.